10 Interesting Facts about the Jaguar

Here I will tell you facts about the Jaguar which probably give you information about this animal. Jaguar is a big cat which in science called as Panthera onca. It is the big family of cats. The Jaguar is one of the Panthera which only found in Americas. It is the third of largest feline after the tiger and the lion. Here are facts about the Jaguar which need you to know.

Facts about the Jaguar 1 : Range Extend

Now, the Jaguar has range extends in some region. Which are Southwestern United States and Mexico. Need to across of Central America, Paraguay on south, and in the northern of Argentina.

Facts about the Jaguar 2 : Breeding Population

While, in the wild they spread among the forest, but now the situation changed. The Jaguar now collect into populations which breeding in Arizona. It’s only few parts. The other was lose in order of the eradicated action from the United States. Find more facts about the Indian Ocean here

Facts 2 Standing Jaguar

Facts 2 Standing Jaguar

Facts about the Jaguar 3 : Spot

Jaguar is well-known by its spot, though the other big cat also has too. The spotted almost the same as the leopard, but Jaguar has larger and sturdier to support its behavioral and its characteristic on its habitat.

Facts about the Jaguar 4 : Habitat

The Jaguar spread among its habitat, usually its habitat located in dense rainforest. which better if the habitat has area with full of water because the Jaguar is like to swimming.

Facts 4 Ilustration Jaguar vs Tapir

Facts 4 Illustration Jaguar vs Tapir

Facts about the Jaguar 5 : Physical Characteristic

Jaguar is a well-muscled animal. Jaguar is the largest cat in the world. It usually has travels around to find its prey. Then, it set as the largest carnivorous mammals especially in Central and South America.

Facts about the Jaguar 6 : Color Morphism

Jaguar commonly has gold yellow color, and for each species has color morphism. There is also near-black melanistic color which occurs regularly. But still in each different color the spot is visible.

Facts 6 Jaguars

Facts 6 Jaguars

Facts about the Jaguar 7 : Reproduction and Life Cycle

The sexual maturity reached by females Jaguar about two years of its age. Then the males in three or four years. The gestation last at the 93-195 days from the period. In one process of birthing, females can birth four cubs. Find more facts about the Indus River here

Facts about the Jaguar 8 : Social Activity

The Jaguar met to each other just at the mate, while they are the individualism animals. As the individual character, it makes a territory. While the territory marks by the urine and feces.

Facts 8 Jaguar pick up Cub

Facts 8 Jaguar pick up Cub

Facts about the Jaguar 9 : Hunting and Diet

Jaguar only feed themselves by meat so that they need to hunting across the forest. Their eat much variety of animals at least 87 species.

Facts about the Jaguar 10 : Conservation Status

The Jaguar rapidly in declining process. That’s all because the human activity on hunting. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources told that Jaguar is at the near threatened.

Facts 10 Black Jaguar

Facts 10 Black Jaguar

Those are facts about the Jaguar which you need to know, keep protect this animal and make the natural balances.

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