10 Interesting Facts about the Monarch Butterfly

Find out the information about the milkweed butterfly in Facts about The Monarch Butterfly. This flying animal is included in the family Nymphalidae and subfamily Danainae. It has the scientific name of Danaus plexippus. It is very easy for the people to define the color of monarch butterfly. It has orange color with black pattern. The wings can span around 8.9 till 10.2 cm. Here are other facts about Monarch butterfly for you:

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 1: the migration

The migration of monarch butterflies is very popular and famous around the world. During the late summer or autumn, the eastern North American monarch butterflies will migrate from United States and Southern Canada to reach Mexico.  They have to cover thousands of miles to reach Mexico.

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 2: the western North American butterflies

The population of Monarch butterflies which live in western North America often migrates to California from the west of the Rocky Mountain.  But some of them can be seen in Mexico.

Monarch Butterfly Clothes

Monarch Butterfly Clothes

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 3: the wing

You can sport the tawny orange color on the upper side of the wings. The black color can be seen in the margins and veins. You can also check two series of small white sport in the margins.

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 4: the color during the migration

During the beginning of migration, the color and shape of Monarch butterflies change. They look redder. The body also looks longer.

Monarch Butterfly Fact

Monarch Butterfly Fact

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 5: the migratory and non migratory monarch butterflies

The migratory and non migratory monarch butterflies have different shape and size for the wings. The western monarch butterflies have smaller and less angular forewings than the eastern population of Monarch butterflies from North America.

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 6: the male monarch butterflies

The male monarch butterflies have larger body. Compared to the females, they have narrower and lighter black veins on the wings.

Monarch Butterfly Facts

Monarch Butterfly Facts

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 7: the legs

The monarch butterflies have six legs just like other insects. The four hind legs are used to carry the two front legs.

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 8: the monarch in North America

In North America, the monarch butterflies can be seen in Northern southern America to southern Canada.  They can be seen in Caribbean islands, Hawaii, Cuba, Bermuda and Cook Islands.

Monarch Butterfly Image

Monarch Butterfly Image

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 9: the overwintering monarchs

You can find the overwintering monarch butterflies in California, Mexico, Florida, and Gulf Coast. Get facts about blue morpho butterfly here.

Facts about The Monarch Butterfly 10: the breeding

When the monarch butterflies are in the breeding time, you can spot them in prairie remnants, pasture land, agricultural fields and suburban residential areas.

Monarch Butterfly Beauty

Monarch Butterfly Beauty

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