10 Interesting Facts about the Kakapo

Here I will tell you facts about the Kakapo which probably give you information about this animal. The kakapo which also known as owl parrot is a species of bird. It has large body, noctural, flightless, ground-dwelling parrot especially from the super-family Strigopoidea. It endemic in New Zealand. Let me tell you facts about the Kakapo below.

Facts about the Kakapo 1 : Morpologic

The Kakapo has blotched yellow-green plumage. It alo has short legs, large feet, vibrissa-like feather, wings and the short tail. while, even it has two wings but they not be able to fly.

Facts about the Kakapo 2 : Special Character

The character which kakapo has make it so unique than others. So that, it set as the world’s only flightless parrot. By its body size it set as the heaviest parrit, herbivorous, visicly on sexually dimorphic in body size, nocturnal parrot, no male parental, etc. Find more facts about the Indian Ocean here

Facts 2 New Zealand Kakapo Felix

Facts 2 New Zealand Kakapo Felix

Facts about the Kakapo 3 : Critically Endangered

The number of Kakapo in the world now critically endangered, with in March 2014 only an additional six. Since 2011, the recorded which has information about Kakapo told that the species remain in the world only 126 species.

Facts about the Kakapo 4 : Female Kakapo

The female and male Kakapo is easily distinguish by each other. Female kakapo has less domed head and more narrow than male. The tail is longer at proportional, it also has more slender and pinkish grey legs and feet.

Facts 4 Illustration of Kakapo

Facts 4 Illustration of Kakapo

Facts about the Kakapo 5 : Distributions

The Kakapo find especially in New Zealand. While, in New Zealand, kakapo has it own distribution. It live in some habitats, such as scrublands, tussocklands, and coastal areas.

Facts about the Kakapo 6 : Excellent Climber

The kakapo has it own character which it can fly. Even can’t fly, it as the excellent climber. It climbs ascending to the top of tallest trees, also can parachute descending as leaping also spreading its wings. Find more facts about the Internet here

Facts 6 Kakapo Distributions

Facts 6 Kakapo Distributions

Facts about the Kakapo 7 : Diet

Kakapo has beak which adapted by the grinding food finely. It as the herbivorous birds, which eat seeds, fruits, native plants, pollen also the sapwood of the trees.

Facts about the Kakapo 8 : Reproduction

The reproduction of the kakapo based on the display or “lek”. The quality of the male display make the male immediately find his pair. Then, the male and female kakapo only meet for mate not to has a pair bond.

Facts 8 Strigops habroptilus

Facts 8 Strigops habroptilus

Facts about the Kakapo 9 : Human Impact

Human make the species of kakapo into their declining. In M?ori folklore, the kakapo found after the Polynesians first arrived in Aotearoa in the country 700 years ago.

Facts about the Kakapo 10 : Conservation Efforts

In 1950s, the established and the beginning of making regular expeditions to search kakapo delivered by the New Zealand Wildlife Service. The expeditions found kakapo mostly in Kahurangi National Park (present) in the northwest if the South Island.

Facts 10 Milford Sound and Simbad Gulley New Zealand

Facts 10 Milford Sound and Simbad Gulley New Zealand

Those are facts about the Kakapo which important for you to read, hopefully that facts will give you advantages into your life.

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