10 Interesting Facts about the Mohawk Tribe

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe talk about a group of tribe that people often call the ‘Kahniakehake’. The word means people of the flint. The Mohawk is famous as the keepers as the eastern door in the Iroquois confederacy. They are the indigenous tribe who lived in the Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. If you are interested to know more about Mohawk tribe, check out the following post below:

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 1: hunter farmers

The Mohawk tribe is included in the hunter farmer tribe.  The women should take care the household and land.  Protecting the camp and hunting for food were the jobs for the Mohawk men.

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 2: clothes

The clothes of Mohawk tribe were often made from animal skin or woven. The clothes would be sewn by using the thread made from the sinews of deer.

Mohawk Tribe Flag

Mohawk Tribe Flag

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 3: the houses

The houses created by Mohawk tribe were the permanent homes with the height at 20 feet, the width at 20 feet and length at 200 feet. The longhouse was often made in two storey design. The ideal place for sleeping was at the top storey. The mats and wooden screen would be used to separate each room inside the house.

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 4: the famous Mohawks

John Norton is the famous Mohawk leader.  He led his Mohawks and Iroquois to fight the Americans. Actually he was a part of Scottish and Cherokee.

Mohawk Tribe Map

Mohawk Tribe Map

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 5: the footwear

The footwear that the Mohawk tribe wore was created from the soft deerskin or leather. The deer sinew would be used to sew the leather. Another type of footwear was moccasins. Most of them were in beige.

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 6: the jewelry

The bead necklace is the main jewelry for the Mohawk women.

Facts about the Mohawk Tribe

Facts about the Mohawk Tribe

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 7: the enemies

Mohawk tribe had several enemies such as the Ojibway, Montagnais, Algonquins, Mohicans, and Hurons. Check out Maasai tribe facts here.

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 8: food

The crops that the Mohawk tribe grew were sunflower seeds, berries, squash, beans, corn, fruits, and nuts.  The men hunted deer, fish and turkeys.

Mohawk Tribe Clothes

Mohawk Tribe Clothes

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 9: weapon

The Mohawk tribe used some weapons like war clubs, bows and arrows, knives, and tomahawks spears. Get facts about Hopi tribe here.

Facts about The Mohawk Tribe 10: The Beaver war

During the beaver war between France and British, the Mohawk tribe fought in the war at the British side.

Mohawk Tribe Facts

Mohawk Tribe Facts

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