The Most Creative Helmets Design

Having a good motorcycle helmet is a pride for some people. But if you buy from helmet store, most likely a helmet is also owned by someone else or you have same design. To avoid that problem, we should make our own helmet, so there is no duplication anymore. Designing a helmet requires a great creativity. Let us look at some The Most Creative Helmets  Design.

1. The ‘Black’ Mask

The 'Black' Mask

The 'Black' Mask Helmet

Do You remember the old movie “The Mask” starring Jim Carey? The design of this helmet exactly looks like the mask which used by Jim Carey. The Air Brush is very smooth at all and the crazy smile is so amazing, making this helmet more prestigious.

2. The Iron Man

The Most Creative Helmets Design the ironman

the ironman


The design of this helmet is taking the ‘Iron Man’ Helmet. The helmet worn by Iron man is quite similar with usual helmet, so there will be no problem for the shape. Now, the problem is how to make cool air brush and similar line as same as Ironman’s helmet. But this helmet really makes that dream a reality. Hope the rider can see the road clearly.

3. The Spiderman

The Most Creative Helmets Design The Spiderman

The Spiderman

This design helmet with spiderman’s design is actually a very good idea. Spiderman is a Hollywood super-hero, who have many fans in the world. The result is very good, but unfortunately the curve helmet make the result a bit disappointing.

4.The Sweet Tooth

The Most Creative Helmets Design The Sweet Tooth

The Sweet Tooth

The design of this helmet I believe was taken from one of the characters in the game Twisted Metal Black, Sweet Tooth. The crazy clown with the white make-up and evil smile really make the rider looks wild.

5. The Knight

the most creative helmets design The Knight

The Knight Helmet

Design helmets like helmet knight. Not bad shape, but not good either. At least, this helmet does not have a twin in the world.

6.The Cross Knight

the most creative helmets design The Cross Knight

The Cross Knight Helmet

The Cross Knight is back. The design of this helmet is very brilliant. Is unthinkable to use a cross as a reference. As we know, the Crusades in the old days, the Christian warriors using war helmet with a cross in front of their faces.

7. The Alien

The Most Creative Helmets Design The Alien

The Alien Helmet

This Helmet with monster head looks a bit scary. But thumbs up to the totality of making this helmet. I do not know whether to use this helmet will make a woman become impressed with you or will make them think you freak.

8.The Optimus Prime

The Most Creative Helmets Design The Optimus Prime

The Optimus Prime Helmet

Optimus Prime is a cartoon character that re popular today. But unfortunately, Optimus is something that is not real. But for fans, the head of Optimus design can be made reality. The curve is perfect, but something is missing with the color.

9.The Ghost Rider

The Most Creative Helmets Design The Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider Helmet


This is the most unique designs on a helmet but did not disappoint. Seeing this helmet, we are reminded of the movie, starring Nicolas Cage, The Ghost Rider. Super hero is a big motorhome and head shape of the skull. Be careful using this helmet, in case of accident, your nose will not survive.

10.The Lego

The Most Creative Helmets Design The Lego

The Lego Helmet

Lego is a popular toy that is not only loved by small children. The teenager also like Lego. The face of yellow and red helmets is typical of Lego toys. So is this this helmet.

Do you want make different helmet design like The Most Creative Helmets  Design ?

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