Top 5 The Strangest Reality Show In The World

Here’s the list of top 5 the strangest reality show in the world. Now the producers choose to switch from present a film with scripts into the real reality show. Because of without scenario the reality show hold a dead card from the program. The reality show are made either because of bored or uninteresting. Here’s the strangest reality show in the world.

5. The 1900 House
Approximately 400 families have been trying to participate in the event. the core of the reality show is to bring the modern family and make them into to the life style of 1900s. They should stay indoors during the three months. It is not just any house, this house is designed as the Victorian era with three bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and art room and a bathroom outside the house.There are no electricity and tap water, and they have to get through it all with all family members to participate. It means that in order to have a baby or the parents in the family, so, imagine that how hard it vulnerable people without electricity and water

The 1900 House

4.Married By America

This program only runs for a season and does not last long in 2003. The contestants are introduced directly through on TV and the audience choose the men and women who are be their like. After that they will be wed in live. For some previous weeks they will stay together to know each other and complete with the facilities like the honeymoon couple.

Married by America

3. He’s a Lady

The contestants who are 11 scary men (with big body like bodyguard) initially are offered to participate in a reality show extreme challenge which is test the physic and a new mental. Then it realized that the events that they follow a completely different 180 degrees. They must be able to mingle with the native women, dress up, wear jewelry, a woman companion, and ultimately to win the beauty contest to get a gift.

He's a Lady

2.Boy meet Boy

This program is a mate contact for gay. A gay named James Getzlaff looking for the ideal man to become his couple and for other 15 men compete to win his heart. In dating, party, and holidays  they must through one by one at a time to know each other.

Boy meet Boy

1. The Monastery

The original program was broadcast at 2005 ago. The core of this program is to put a group of people to live together experts atheist religion, and during which they were forbidden to offend religious people around them. The last story of this program is very dramatic, because it makes some of the contestants turned into monks/nuns and several others became “muallaf”, there is none that are still atheists.

The Monastery

As the result of the program, for some reality shows that could be considered. It is really not reasonable for the size of a television show made in. Are there anyone who are interested to be one of the participants of the show? Do you interested to become a participant of the strangest reality show in the world program above?

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