10 Interesting Facts about the Jungle

Let me tell you something interesting within facts about the Jungle which will give you several information which you need to know about it. The jungle is a land which covered mostly by trees as a dense vegetation. The term jungle was greatly used during the present centuries. Then I will show you facts about the Jungle below.

Facts about the Jungle 1 : Western Literature

In western literature, the jungle presented as the location within limited civilised. This location has a limit control by the civilisation. Then it found that the jungle is the very natural location in the earth.

Facts about the Jungle 2 : Attribute

The uncontrolled by human was the attribute which set in the jungle during the old time. That attribute placed on jungle from the jungle’s association in colonial discourse by the European colonial.

Facts 2 Dry Rainforest

Facts 2 Dry Rainforest

Facts about the Jungle 3 : Origin

The word Jungle, originally from the Sanskirt, or completely as jangala. This jangala has the meaning of the uncultivated land. Find more facts about the Huns here

Facts about the Jungle 4 : Anglo-Indian Interpretation

Anglo-Indian has their own interpretation on the meaning of the jungle. They said that jungle as a dense tangled thicket. While, the others told that the jungle has mainly same meaning with the forest.

Facts 4 Tioman Rainforest

Facts 4 Tioman Rainforest

Facts about the Jungle 5 : Wildlife

The jungle has wide landmass. All the flora and fauna find naturally lived here. That makes the specific species or families of the flora and fauna can’t be identified clearly.

Facts about the Jungle 6 : Dense Vegetation

The jungle identified as the dense location which consist by the trees. Dense vegetation become the main characteristic of the jungle. Also the dense is important to hinder movement by human so that the naturally still can be protect.

Facts 6 Fluss Dja Somalomo

Facts 6 Fluss Dja Somalomo

Facts about the Jungle 7 : Impenetrable Vegetation

Impenetrable location which is the specific character of the jungle. It occur because the high of growing the vegetation, especially in the tropics. So that, the jungle only be able to live by vegetation and some animals. Find out facts about the Irish here

Facts about the Jungle 8 : Moist Forest

The moist forest mostly find in the tropical region which has high density of precipitation. Tropical rainforest is the moist forest one. The precipitation become the important event so that the jungle looked wet.

Facts 8 Daintree Rainforest

Facts 8 Daintree Rainforest

Facts about the Jungle 9 : Rainforest

In 1970s, the word rainforest was replaced with the jungle which become the description of the humid tropical forest. While, the rainforest didn’t found in English dictionaries in 1970s. It strongly made the jungle much familiar in human hearing than the rainforest. Though in present, the rainforest start to use in daily language.

Facts about the Jungle 10 : Metaphor

In metaphor, jungle set as the condition which the human and the environment has no law to manage life. The jungle usually use when people live without any role so that they live freely.

Facts 10 Jungle Metaphor

Facts 10 Jungle Metaphor

Those are facts about the Jungle which need you to know, hopefully this kind of facts will become the important information for you to keep.

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