10 Interesting Facts about the Middle East

Let me elaborate the details about a region in Asia bordered by Europe to the Northwest, Mediterranean Sea to the west and Asia to the east in Facts about The Middle East. Have you ever gone to Middle East? You will be impressed with the art, culture and architecture. It is not true that only parts of the countries in Asia included in the Middle East. The countries in Africa which include Sudan and Egypt are in Middle East. Get more facts about Middle East:

Facts about the Middle East 1: Ottoman Empire

One of the famous Empires in the world is explained in Ottoman Empire. Do you know that some countries were included as the regions in the Ottoman Empire before?

Facts about The Middle East 2: the history

If we talk about Middle East, we should never forget about the history. There were many civilizations growing up here such as the Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, and ancient Egyptian Empire. Get facts about Egyptian pyramid here.

Middle East Culture

Middle East Culture

Facts about The Middle East 3: the population

Let’s find out the population of the people who live in Middle East. It is estimated that the region is inhabited by 368,927,551. The estimated area is about 2,742,000 square miles. The major biomes in Middle East are grasslands and desert.

Facts about The Middle East 4: the economics

Middle East is famous as the main producer of oil. It has the big oil reserves in the world.

Middle East Desert

Middle East Desert

Facts about The Middle East 5: the religions

Middle East is famous as the origin of the three major religions in the world. Those are Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Facts about The Middle East 6: the major cities

There are many major cities in Middle East. You can visit Jiddah, Riyadh, Istanbul, Tehran, Badgdad, Izmir, Damascus and Halab.

Middle East Food

Middle East Food

Facts about The Middle East 7: the major rivers and lakes

Can you mention the major rivers and lakes in Middle East? Those are Euphrates River, Tigris River, Lake Urmia, Lake Van, and Nile River.

Facts about The Middle East 8: the bordering water

If you check out the Map of Middle East, you will know that the regions is bordered by Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Arabian Sea, Gulf Of Aden and Persian Gulf.

Middle East Herbs

Middle East Herbs

Facts about The Middle East 9: the countries

The countries in Middle East are Oman, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Cyprus, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, West Bank, Jordan, and Lebanon. Get facts about UAE here.

Facts about The Middle East 10: the geographical features

The famous geographical features in Middle East include Kara Kum Desert, Arabian Desert, Hindu Kush Mountains, Anatolian Plateau, Taurus Mountains and Zagros Mountains.

Facts about the Middle East

Facts about the Middle East

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