10 Interesting Facts about The Ecosystem

Let me show you the following facts about The Ecosystem which absolutely give you some information about it. The ecosystem is a community of living organism (plants, animals, and microbes) which located into non living components (air, water and mineral soil) on their environment. Both of them have interactions then become a system. And here are the following facts about the ecosystem below.

Facts about The Ecosystem 1 : Interactions

The biotic and abiotic components have special interactions among organism, between organism and their environment. Based on the same environment, they can form into any size but usually it include spesific and limited spaces.

Facts about The Ecosystem 2 : Abiotic Components

It includes on some materials such as energy, water, nitrogen and soil minerals, etc. Energy will flows into ecosytem which primarily acquire by the sun. The sun absorbed by a process which called photosynthesis, then after the following timespan reform into the abiotic components.

Facts 2 Blue Linckia Starfish

Facts 2 Blue Linckia Starfish

Facts about The Ecosystem 3 : Photosynthesis

It is the important natural process of an ecosystem. It is a process of capture carbon from the atmosphere, capture sunlight from the sun, and then with any other elements such as chlorophyl, work together to make such elements which then will be the foods for animals. Also it become the main component of energy and nutrient cycle.

Facts about The Ecosystem 4 : Controlled Factor of Environment

It controlled by two factors, which are internal and external. The external one such as climate, parent material which naturally forming the soil and topography,time and the potential biota. Internal factors such as disturbance, succession and type of species present.

Facts 4 Seawifs Global Biosphere

Facts 4 Seawifs Global Biosphere

Facts about The Ecosystem 5 : Biodiversity

Biodiversity affects on ecosystem function, such as the processes of disturbance and succession. When ecosystem are too complex, then also the biodiversity will increase. Then, the ecosystem must be protected to keep the biodiversity survival. Because they have the cycle which make the ecosystem still on balanced.

Facts about The Ecosystem 6 : History

First concept of ecosystem used in publication by Arthur Tansley who a British Ecologist. He devised the concept to pay attention in the importance of transfers materials between organism and their environment. By transfer materials, they still on complex condition and this will be repeated as the circle to form a cycle process.

Facts 6 Nitrogen Cycle

Facts 6 Nitrogen Cycle

Facts about The Ecosystem 7 : Ecosystem Processes

First, the energy and carbon be the part of ecosystem from photosynthesis process. It is important to make other organism to alive. The plants produced foods for organism, then dead plants and animals will turn into  minerals. Minerals will absorbed by plants again to support the photosynthesis, then again by photosynthesis food are produced. And that always repeated.

Facts about The Ecosystem 8 : Ecosystem Goods and Services

Ecosystem has function for its internal one, but also give function for human living. Ecosytem provide much variety of goods and services which people are depended on it. Some products are produced by ecosystem, such as the foods, materials products, medicine plants, etc.

Facts 8 View of Loch Lomond

Facts 8 View of Loch Lomond

Facts about The Ecosystem 9 : Ecosystem Management

Ecosystem management is important to keep on the sustainably. People may have some benefit on it but still the sustainably must be protect so that some disaster can be avoided. Also, when the management are good, then the goods and services still can be access, then its good points when take benefit and managing are on good management.

Facts about The Ecosystem 10 : Ecosystem Dynamics

Now the ecosystem had resistanced. Because of some disturbance are happen during the lack management by human on their exploitation actions. SOme disturbance which always occur is the existence of pest. Pest growing fastly as the unbalanced of the ecosystem. Find out facts about The City of London here.

Facts 10 River Gambia Niokolokoba National Park

Facts 10 River Gambia Niokolokoba National Park

Those are the following facts about The Ecosystem. Hopefully after reading that following facts, you will give more attention to keep protect our ecosystem to get on the better life.

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