10 Interesting Facts about The Ear

Here are the following facts about The Ear which probably give you such informations which you will know then about it. The Ear is an organ which detecs the sound. It useful to process the sound so that it can be process into the brain too. It receives sound, which also aids in balance and body position. It is partof the auditory system. Now these are the following facts about it below.

Facts about The Ear 1 : Ear’s Flap

Flap of tissue on ear also called as pinna. Usually it only found on mammals ears. First step of hearing started here. It has function to localize sound sources.

Facts about The Ear 2 : Outer Ear

It is the most external portion of the ear. The outer also called as pinna, which is fleshy visible outer ear. Outer ear composed by auricel (pinna), ear canal and the outer layer of tympanic membrane, which known as the ear drum.

Facts 2 Human Ear

Facts 2 Human Ear

Facts about The Ear 3 : Outer Ear Function

It the best place to measured body signals. To measure critical signs during activity then many wearable technology space are developed by earbuds with biometric technology.

Facts about The Ear 4 : Middle Ear

It is an air filled cavity behind the tymphanic membrane. It includes three bones such as malleus (hammer), incus (anvil) and stapes (stirrup). It connects the upper throat via Eustachian Tube. That three bones (ossicles) are transmit the sound from tymphanic membrane into the ventricles of ear.

Facts 4 Anatomy of Human Ear

Facts 4 Anatomy of Human Ear

Facts about The Ear 5 : Sound Waves

After the tymphanic membrane received the sound, it connects with malleus and transmits vibrations of the membrane which produced sound waves. Tymphanic and malleus movement are set by those three bones. For more information about the sound maker please go to here.

Facts about The Ear 6 : Air on Ear

Middle ear normally will filled by a air. Both the open canals or not, still air can be filled inside. The air has no directly contact by the atmosphere.

Facts 6 Middle Ear

Facts 6 Middle Ear

Facts about The Ear 7 : The Eustachian Tube

Normally, it always collapsed. It gapes open both when swallowing also when there’s positive pressure. It sometimes open to equalize the pressure between the middle ear and the pressure of surrounding atmosphere. As example when you at the plane, different pressure of atmosphere occured. If you want know more about other human body article please go to here.

Facts about The Ear 8 : Conductive Hearing Loss

It happened on some reasons, by ear wax, fixed or missing ossicles,or holes in the tymphanic membrane. Also it can be as the result of middle ear inflammation because of fluid build up in the normally air filled space.

Facts 8 Inner Ear

Facts 8 Inner Ear

Facts about The Ear 9 : Inner Ear

Its anatomy splits into bony and membranous labyrinths. Inside, there are sensory organs for balance and motion, called vestibules of the ear and the semicircular canals.

Facts about The Ear 10 : Blood Supply

The blood supply is differs to each part of the ear. External ear supplied by anterior and posterior auricular arteries. Middle is supplied by mastoid branch of the occipital or posterior auricular arteries. The inner is supplied by the anterior thympatic branch of the macimiliary artery, etc.

Facts 10 Ear Anatomy

Facts 10 Ear Anatomy

Those are the following facts about The Ear which important for you to know. Then, hopefully this will give benefits to you by reading these following facts.

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