10 Interesting Facts about The Circus

Those are the following facts about The Circus, it could be the informations for you about this circus. The Circus is a company performers which include by clowns, acrobats, trained animals, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclist,and others which regularly have train for much time so that they become excitement to watch. And here comes the facts about The Circus below.

Facts about The Circus 1 : Father of Modern Circus

Philip Astley had described by the Father of Modern Circus. Its all because he opened the first circus in England on 1768. The performance on first circus was the horsemanship performance.

Facts about The Circus 2 : Performances Development

Next fifty years, freshly the performances developed. It had expansion performances on theatrical battle reenactments which became the significant  feature. Then the colaborated with music were used, and also there was the coreographed too beside the colaborated with traditional music.

Facts 2 Performance Fire Breathing

Facts about The Circus 3 : The Origin

In Ancient Rome, the Circus built on exhibition of horse and chariot races, equistrian shows, staged battles, gladiatorial combat and display of trained animals. The performance has unique one because of need some serious train to get on skill same as the performers.

Facts about The Circus 4 : Modern Circus

Philip Astley as the Father of circus, because he first showed in English the performance of riding horse, clowns and acrobats in public. That was the first, when some of performances brought together in one show not at particulary like the others before.

Facts 4 Barnum and Bailey Clowns

Facts about The Circus 5 : Performances

The circus led by a ringmaster who had role similar to a Master of Ceremonies. The performances are the animals act such as elephants, dolphin, lion tamer or horse act. And also human performances such as fire breathers, acrobatics, clowns, etc.

Facts about The Circus 6 : International Award

There was also the international circus award performances, such as The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo held in Monre Carlo since 1974. It was the first of the international award of circus.

Facts 6 Champion

Facts about The Circus 7 : The Pole Excitement

From the late 19th century until the first half of 20th century, travelling circuses was a major form of spectator entertainment in the United States. They got high attention from the public whenever they held a performances in the cities.

Facts about The Circus 8 : Contemporary Circus

It was combined some circus performances from Australia, Canada, France, the West Coast of the United States and the United Kingdom, held in 1970s. Combination in between the traditional circus skill and theatrical technique to show a story or theme. And it had more attention than on one part only.

Facts 8 Contemporary Circus

Facts about The Circus 9 : Declined Time

The Circus popularity had significant declined when some new forms of entertainment such as television arrived in the public’s taste.

Facts about The Circus 10 : Controversy

The Circus reported had a cruelty on animals while on training proceed. The animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The controversy was on the method on training animals which the animals beaten into submission and the physical abuse always been the method on training animals.

Facts 10 Controversy

Those are the facts about The Circus, which add more information for you to keep. Hopefully this going to be interesting for you to read.

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