Top 5 Most Expensive Signatures In The World

Signature can be berfungasi as a seal. more than that is the signature of certain writing style of a person’s name or other identifying marks written on the document as a proof of identity and desire. bnayk rich or famous people who perpetuate itself through signs tangnnya. The following is a list of Top 5 Most Expensive Signature In The World.

5. Jimmy Hendrix

Top 5 Most Expensive Signature In The World Jimi Hendrix Signature

Jimi Hendrix Signature

A piece of paper signed by Jimmy Hendrix has a starting price of £41,000. The rocker, who died aged 27, is widely considered to be the greatest guitarist in the history of rock music.

4. Led Zeppelin

Top 5 Most Expensive Signature In The World Jimmy Page's Signature

Jimmy Page's Signature

Jimmy Page’s signed guitar is one of the most prized signed possessions on sale at £49,000. The Led Zeppelin star began his career as a studio session guitarist in London and has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame twice.

3. John Lennon

Top 5 Most Expensive Signature In The World John lennon Signature

John lennon Signature

Double Fantasy was John Lennon’s last album released during his lifetime and is a collaboration with Yoko Ono. In 2003, the last copy autographed by Lennon before he was killed by Mark Chapman was sold for $525,000, becoming the most valuable record ever.

2. Abraham Lincoln

Top 5 Most Expensive Signature In The World Abraham Lincoln Signature

Abraham Lincoln Signature

The letter was signed United State President “Abraham Lincoln” on January 8, 1863 which defended the Emancipation Proclamation be redeemed at the auction market for a single signature for $ 748,000 in 1991.

1. William Shakespeare

Top 5 Most Expensive Signature In The World William Shakespeare Signature

William Shakespeare Signature

People’s believe that the signature of William Shakespeare is the most expensive signing in the world. There are only six original signature and each is estimated at about $ 5 million.

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