10 Interesting Facts about The Eureka Stockade

Let me show you the Facts about The Eureka Stockade that will you give you information of this rebellion. The Eureka Rebellion was a revolted action of the gold miners of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia to fight the authority by the United Kingdom colonies. It occurred in 1854. The Eureka Stockade as the battle between miners and Colonial forces of Australia on December 3, 1854. Those are the following Facts about The Eureka Stockade below.

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 1 : Death

The rebellion resulted death of people. It caused the death of people at least 27 people. Majority, the death as from the rebels.

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 2 : Protests on the Goldfields

This such a protest of the government license fee for the miners. The colony were protested at the increase of the license fee. The protest occurred on the Forest Creek Monster Meeting in December 1951.

Facts 2 Eureka Stockade Battle

Facts 2 Eureka Stockade Battle

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 3 : Anti-Gold License Association

It formed on 1853 in Bendigo.The formed was used in to fight the authority of the brink of an armed. In 1854, Bendigo increase their license hunt at twice on a week with threats of armed rebellion. Find more facts about The Celts here

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 4 : Murder of James Scobie

James Scobie was a miner was murdered in Eureka Hotel at 6 October 1854. That took the protest of the miners. At 17 October 1854, around 1,000 and 10,000 miners came to the hotel as a protest. James Bentley suspected as the murder of James Scobie. Then, Bentley’s Hotel burned by the miners to increased the protest actions.

Facts 4 Burning of Bentley's Hotel

Facts 4 Burning of Bentley’s Hotel

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 5 : Stockade

It was hastily constructed.Then it set as the ramshackle affairs. It nothing but only to keep protect of the men, not a good military one. Just for defense, no need to had attack to fight the rebels.

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 6 : Peter Lalor

He was the Eureka Leader who lead the rebellion. He was wrote the statement into the colonists of Victoria about the things that he regret. Also he speech on the Legislative Council in 1856 which shown about his thought about the democracy. The term was right or yet.

Facts 6 Doudiet Swearing Allegiance

Facts 6 Doudiet Swearing Allegiance

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 7 : Victoria Parliament

The bill granting suffrage for white males which occurred in 24 November 1857. It was the first suffrage of the grant universal male. Peter Lalor voted in this parliament. Find more facts about The Cello here

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 8 : Eureka Tower

This tower as the honour of the event and features symbolic from the blood split during of the battle. The design is the architectural red stripe. It completed built in 2006.

Facts 8 Eureka Stockade Battle

Facts 8 Eureka Stockade Battle

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 9 : Films

The rebellion shown in Films, which titled The Loyal Rebel or Eureka Stockade. It made in 1915. It set as the Australian silent made. The Peter Lalor cast by Chips Rafferty in this film.

Facts about The Eureka Stockade 10 : Poems

The rebellion inspired some poet to make some poems. Henry Lawson made some poems about this Eureka Stockade, such as Flag of the Southern Cross, Eureka (A Fragment), Freedom of the Wallaby and The Fight at Eureka Stockade.

Facts 10 Peter Lalor as Speaker

Facts 10 Peter Lalor as Speaker

Those are the Facts about The Eureka Stockade. Read the information then find out the details one in other references.

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