10 Interesting Facts about The Enlightenment

Let me tell you Facts about The Enlightenment which probably give you information about it.The Enlightenment is set as an era from the 1650s until 1780s which both cultural and intellectual forces in Western Europe. It forces the emphasized of the intellectual which had more powerful than the traditional on analysis and individualism aspect. The Enlightenment concept promoted by the philosophers and local thinker of the society such as the urban coffeehouses, salons, and masonic lodges.Then here are Facts about The Enlightenment which you need to know below.

Facts about The Enlightenment 1 : Challenged Authority

The Enlightenment as the challenge of the authority from traditional to the intellectual one. The challenges in institutions were have rooted in society. One of the challenge is in the Catholic Church.

Facts about The Enlightenment 2 : Philosophers

Some philosopher built the new philosophy during in Western Europe life. The philosophers such as Francis Bacon, John Locke, Baruch Spinoza, Pierre Bayle, Isaac Newton, Immanuel Kant, etc. They built the new kind of philosophy to fight the unwell philosophy before.

Facts 2 Sanzio

Facts 2 Sanzio

Facts about The Enlightenment 3 : Spread

The philosophy spread into the continent by some kind of literacy. This new ideas and beliefs were fostered by increasing on literacy based on departure from solely religious texts during that time. Then, literacy was analyzed to get the modern philosophy.

Facts about The Enlightenment 4 : Ideal Enlightenment

There also the ideal type of Enlightenment. The ideal Enlightenment exist by Dictionnaire philosophique (Philosophical Dictionary, 1764) and Letters on the English (1733) which written by Voltaire. After this literacy came, the ideal Enlightenment started to apply into the society.

Facts 4 Encyclopedie Frontispice_

Facts 4 Encyclopedie Frontispice_

Facts about The Enlightenment 5 : Time Span

There’s still little consensus about the beginning of the Enlightenment. The starting point of the Enlightenment set that the beginning was in 18th century or the middle of the 17th century. Then, the end of Enlightenment was on the beginning of Napoleon Wars in 1804.

Facts about The Enlightenment 6 : Goals

The Enlightenment had goals on freedom on use the own thinking of humans. The goals is freedom on tolerance, remove the abuse rule in Church and State, then the empirical and scientific could be applied as the human right. Find more facts about The Carribean here

Facts 6 Immanuel Kant

Facts 6 Immanuel Kant

Facts about The Enlightenment 7 : Operations

The Enlightenment operated on most of European countries, but it more appropriate to operated in country which had specific local emphasis. The local emphasis found in the anti-governments and anti-Church radicalism.

Facts about The Enlightenment 8 : Countries on Enlightenment Era

The countries have their own Enlightenment due to the cultural that they had. There are much country which have the Enlightenment era, such as Italy, Dutch, America, England, etc. They have scholar on challenging the philosophy so that the philosophy slowly absorbed by the society.

Facts 8 Europe, 1700-1714

Facts 8 Europe, 1700-1714

Facts about The Enlightenment 9 : Social and Cultural

By Enlightenment era, then the social and cultural had changed in the Europe society. When the Enlightenment era applied, changes found on the action of less body of thought than process of changing cultural practices and sociability. Find more facts about The Cherokee here

Facts about The Enlightenment 10 : Implications

The Enlightenment appeared as the focus on reason. It makes some scholarship were created. Much process of study were built, such as the literature, philosophy, science and increasing of the art.

Facts 10 Pierre Bayle

Facts 10 Pierre Bayle

Those are Facts about The Enlightenment which probably give the new information for you.So keep on read it and deeply understand about what that means.

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