10 Interesting Facts about The French Revolution

States are always have changes, then we need to learn Facts about The French Revolution to know the changes which happened in this state. Change happens in every aspect in human’s life. It can happen in the economic, social, education and political aspect. It is noted several events of change happened in government and political system. One of the famous changes in social and political system is French Revolution. The French Revolution happened from 1789 until 1799. It happened as the result of radical and liberal ideas. It changed the theocracies and absolute monarchies into republics and democracies. Below are the interesting facts about the French Revolution.

Facts about the French Revolution 1: Causes

Among historians there is a debate about the causes of the French Revolution. Some historians believe that the revolution existed as the result of Seven Years War and the American Revolutionary War. The wars gave the difficult financial status to French government. This made the government to increase and change the tax system. While other believes it was caused because of the rising bourgeoisie, with support from the sans-culottes, who fought to destroy the aristocracy.

Facts about the French Revolution 2: Freemasonry

In the revolution, it was noted that Freemasonry has a great role. In the late 18th century, their thought about the themes of liberty, equality, and fraternity spread in the society.

Facts 2 (Freemasonry)

Facts 2 (Freemasonry)

Facts about the French Revolution 3: Financial Crisis

Financial crisis was stated as one of the causes of Revolution. The France government made the official did many things to restore their financial status. The financial crisis was caused by the France’s financial obligations stemming from involvement in the Seven Years’ War and France’s participation in the American Revolutionary War. One of the efforts to restore it is new tax code. Find more facts about the Forbidden City here

Facts about the French Revolution 4: National Assembly

In 1789, Abbé Sieyès and his Communes declared National Assembly. It was declared as an assembly “the People” not of the Estates.

Facts 4 (National Assembly)

Facts 4 (National Assembly)

Facts about the French Revolution 5: Declaration of the Rights of Man

In the same year as the declaration of the National Assembly, the Assembly published the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Rather than a constitution with legal effect, this declaration comprised a statement of principles.

Facts about the French Revolution 6: Women’s March on Versailles

In 1789, the crowds of women marched from Parisian markets to the Hôtel de Ville. They demanded the city officials address their concerns about economics, poverty and politics. 7,000 women joined the march to Versailles as a response to their disappointment from the official. They brought with them cannons and a variety of smaller weapons.

Facts 6 (Women's March on Versailles)

Facts 6 (Women’s March on Versailles)

Facts about the French Revolution 7: The Church

The Roman Catholic Church was affected by the Revolution. It caused a massive shift of power from the Church to the state. In an attempt to address the financial crisis, the Assembly declared that the property of the Church was “at the disposal of the nation. “ They used this property to back a new currency, the assignats. Find more facts about the Executive Branch here

Facts about the French Revolution 8: The Guillotine

This famous tool of executions has killed the Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, Barnave, Bailly, Brissot, Madame Roland and many others.

Facts 8 (The Guillotine)

Facts 8 (The Guillotine)

Facts about the French Revolution 9: Symbolism

In this Revolution, symbols were used as an illustration to differentiate between the new Republic and the old regime. The new symbols were implemented by the leaders to celebrate the new Republic.

Facts about the French Revolution 10: Newspapers

Together with pamphlet, newspaper became a central communication in stimulating and defining the Revolution.

Facts 10 (Newspaper)

Facts 10 (Newspaper)

Hopefully those interesting facts about the French Revolution will give you additional information in your reading.

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