10 Interesting Facts about the Magna Carta

Let me show you the interesting history in the world in Facts about The Magna Carta. The Magna Carta is one of the important documents in the world. the demand  of the Barons and Bishops on a peace treaty which limited the power of the king and proclaimed the liberties for the churches was granted by King John on 12th June 1215. The king also created agreement about the feudal system, justice and taxation in England. Get more facts about Magna Carta below:

Facts about The Magna Carta 1: the function of the document

The function of the document was to limit the power of the king. The people wanted this limitation of power written in a document.

Facts about The Magna Carta 2: the validity

The validity of Magna Carta only lasted for 10 weeks. Magna Carta was famous in the world because it protected the right of the people.

Magna Carta Document

Magna Carta Document

Facts about the Magna Carta 3: The British Library

If you are interested to look at the original copies of Magna Carta, you can go to the British Library. The four surviving copies will be displaced at the British Library in 2015.

Facts about The Magna Carta 4: revision

There were several revisions created in 13th century. The English law was inspired from 1297 version of Magna Carta.

Magna Carta Fact

Magna Carta Fact

Facts about The Magna Carta 5: the meaning of Magna Carta

You can define Magna Carta as Great Charter. In 1215, Magna Carta was agreed at Runnymede, Surrey.

Facts about The Magna Carta 6: a set of basic rights

Magna Carta is famous due to the foundation of basic rights for human being. It is called as the cornerstone of Constitution in Britain.

Magna Carta Facts

Magna Carta Facts

Facts about The Magna Carta 7: the political crisis

King John had to issue this document because he wanted to end the politician crisis. He had to do it to solve the problem when the rebellion of the barons occurred. They captured London.

Facts about The Magna Carta 8: the important principles

There are several principles set by Magna Carta even though all clauses in the document are repealed in this present era.

Magna Carta Pic

Magna Carta Pic

Facts about The Magna Carta 9: the copies

There are four copies of Magna Carta.  The first copy is owned by Salisbury Cathedral. The two copies are owned by the British Library. The last one is owned by Lincoln Cathedral. Find out another history in facts about Liberty Bell.

Facts about the Magna Carta 10: US Declaration of Independence

US Declaration of Independence in 1775 was inspired by Magna Carta.

Facts about The Magna Carta

Facts about The Magna Carta

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