The Oldest Plaza In The World (Over 5500 Years old)

The Oldest Plaza In The World with circular plaza built 5,500 years ago have been found in Peru, and archeologists involved in excavations has determine that the carbon dates indicate that the plaza is one of the oldest building ever found in America. A team of Peruvian and German conservatism found plaza, which was hidden beneath another piece of architecture in the ruins known as Sechin Bajo, in Casma, 370 Km north of Lima, the capital of Peru.



“It was an impressive discovery, scientists and archaeological community is very pleased,” said Cesar Perez, a scientist at the Institute of Peruvian Culture Nasioal overseeing the project. “This could redesign the history of this country.” Before the discovery at Sechin Bajo, archaeologists considered the ancient citadel of Peru Caral is one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, about 5,000 years old.


<b>Peru plaza</b>

Peru plaza

cientists say Caral, located a few hours if taken by car from the Sechin Bajo, was one of six places in the world (along with Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India and Mesoamerica) where humans started living in the town of five thousand years ago. “Determination of the date made by German archaeologists say about 5,500 years, but others may be older depends on other things found,” said Perez. Earlier last discovery near Sechin Bajo only 3600 years old. This is a picture to illustrate:

“They have very advanced understanding of archi

ilustration of perruplaza

ilustration of perruplaza

tecture and buildings. This can be clearly seen in the fact that the material they use to survive very long,” Peter Fuchs, one archaeologist, told the newspaper El Comercio. Social meeting place for Fuchs and his colleagues found was built with stone and brick.

stone and brick of perruplaza artefact

stone and brick of perruplaza artefact

Hundreds of the archaeological commonly found in Peru, and many ruins built by kebudayaann royal Inca who had been so powerful, culminating in the century ke16, just before the conqueror of Spain came to a place which is now known as Peru.

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