10 Interesting Facts about The Harp

Here I will tell you facts about the Harp which really unfortunate if you don’t look at this some facts. The Harp is one of the music instrument which has strings at the angel of its soundboard. The way to play is pluck the fingers with fingers. It spread on the world by it first founded in Asia, Africa, and Europe of the antiquity period. Then, let’s check out facts about the Harp below.

Facts about the Harp 1 : Great Popularity

Harp had its great popularity in Europe on the Middle Ages and Renaissance.There were variant on new technologies, and spread into the Europe colonies.

Facts about the Harp 2 : Revived

It had been revived due to the creation by the musicians in modern era. Previously, the Harp family dead in the Near East and South Asia. Find more facts about the Han Dynasty here

Facts 2 Frame and Open Harp

Facts 2 Frame and Open Harp

Facts about the Harp 3 : Size

The Harp has variations on its size. While, it consist in small and large size. The smaller harps are played in the lap, while the larger rest on the floor because of its heavy.

Facts about the Harp 4 : Frame and Open Harps

There are differences between this two kind of harps. The frame harps have a neck, resonator, and strings. The open harps are such a arch or only a bow, which don’t have the neck.

Facts 4 Medieval Europe Harp

Facts 4 Medieval Europe Harp

Facts about the Harp 5 : Origin

several places in the world became the origin of the founded of harps. Largely Europe and Asia was became the place where the Harp found. The specific location were in Near East of Europe, South Asia, and East Asia.

Facts about the Harp 6 : Structure

The Harp has triangular shape and made by woods. The structure which consist the Harp such as the head, tuning pins, neck, knee, column strings, foot, body, soundboard, and pedals. Then people need to sit on a chair when play this kind of music instrument. Find more facts about the Gurdwara here

Facts 6 Harp Structure

Facts 6 Harp Structure

Facts about the Harp 7 : Concert Harp

The concert harp which also known as pedal is a technology on Harp instrument. Pedal is used on control the Harp by the foot or also called as foot-controlled device. It makes the pitch changes which make the instrument more chromatic. And it able to play whole kind of classical repertoire.

Facts about the Harp 8 : Celtic Harp

It has middle on size, also the pedal are not available. The strings usually made by nylon. It reach two until six octaves then the flucked fingers done as the same technique as the pedal. It use to play non classical music.

Facts 8 Celtic Harp

Facts 8 Celtic Harp

Facts about the Harp 9 : Multi-Course Harps

This kind of harp has more than one row of strings. It opposite to the single course of harp. Then the multi-course harps include the double and triple. While the triple found in 16th century in Italy and 17th century in Wales.

Facts about the Harp 10 : Modern Electric Harp

Modern electric harp are made by harpmakers at this current time. One people is enough to play it, and it combined by the small internal microphones to blow out the output mixed electrical signal.

Facts 10 Electrical Harp

Facts 10 Electrical Harp

Finally you’ve got all the things related on facts about the Harp, hopefully you will find the interesting one then it have good influences into your life.

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