10 Interesting Facts about the Lion King Musical

These following facts about the Lion King Musical will give you information about it. The success of the Lion King movie has inspired the Walt Disney Theatrical to produce an adaption musical stage which also has the same name. It was premiered in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 1997, and later opened on Broadway in October 1997 at the New Amsterdam Theatre. It was directed by Julie Taymor and featured songs from both the movie and Rhythm of the Pride Lands, along with three new compositions by Elton John and Tim Rice. Let’s explore the facts below to get more information about the Lion King Musical.

Facts about the Lion King Musical 1: Productions

There are 28 productions of the Lion King Musical. The try out was held in 1997 in Minneapolis. In the same year, it was also held in Broadway. Knowing the success f the first two productions, the musical was held in various countries. It was noted the musical was held in Tokyo, London, Toronto, L.A., Hamburg, Seoul, Sidney, Singapore, Paris and other cities.

Facts about the Lion King Musical 2: Broadway’s Achievement

The Lion King Musical is the fourth longest-running Broadway’s show in history and it as the highest grossing Broadway production, it having income more than $1 billion. Find more facts about the Kakapo here

Facts 2 (Broadway’s Achievement)

Facts 2 (Broadway’s Achievement)

Facts about the Lion King Musical 3: Music

The music of the Lion King Musical was composed by Elton John and the lyrics was created by Tim Rice. The score of musical with the choral arrangements by Lebo M was built by Hans Zimmer.

Facts about the Lion King Musical 4: Original Broadway Cast

The original Broadway musical was casted by Jason Raize as Simba, John Vickery as Scar, Samuel E. Wright as Mufasa, Heather Headley as Nala and others.

Facts 4 (Original Broadway Cast)

Facts 4 (Original Broadway Cast)

Facts about the Lion King Musical 5: Recordings

Some variety of international cast recordings are can be find on CD, including: 1997 1999 Japanese Cast, Broadway Cast, 2004 Dutch Cast, 2002 German Cast,2007 French Cast, 2011 Spanish Cast, 2007 South African Cast (live performance  audio CD) and 2014 Australian Cast.

Facts about the Lion King Musical 6: Costumes

In the production are actors in costume using extra tools to move their costumes and much of the animals were portrayed. For example, the giraffes are portrayed by actors walking on stilts. For principal characters such as Mufasa and Scar, the costumes had the special thing by its headpieces which describe of the lunging of a cat and others.

Facts 6 (Costumes)

Facts 6 (Costumes)

Facts about the Lion King Musical 7: Performance in Africa

The Lion King Musical had first debuted performance on the African continent in Johannesburg, South Africa in the beginning June 2007. Celebration of the opening night in Johannesburg used the key persons such as the creation of music in Lion King and Oprah Winfrey. Find more facts about the Jungle here

Facts about the Lion King Musical 8: Performance in London

On December 11, the West End production’s cast were invited to the Royal Variety Performance 2008 at the London Palladium to had a perform and presence of senior members of the British Royal Family.

Facts 8 (Performance in London)

Facts 8 (Performance in London)

Facts about the Lion King Musical 9: Performance in China

Chinese elements were composed in this kind of musical during the shows in China. One  song was adapted to a famous pop song of Chinese known as  “Laoshu ai dami” in English called  “Mice Love Rice”. It’s even broke jokes and made the  conversations with the Chinese’s audience.

Facts about the Lion King Musical 10: Awards

The musical became one of the most successful in Broadway history, winning six Tony Awards including Best Musical. It became the highest on earning title in the box office story from the films and stage productions.

Facts 10 (Awards)

Facts 10 (Awards)

Perhaps, those interesting facts about the Lion King Musical will enrich your source of reading.

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