10 Interesting Facts about The Hajj

Here I will let you know facts about the Hajj which important for you to find out more. The Hajj is an activity of a muslim which mandatory from Allah. The Hajj is a pilgrimage into Mecca, as the holy place of Islams. Several pray held here and totally much of virtues from the God (Allah) gives if Muslim take some praises into this place. Now, here are facts about the Hajj which need you to know.

Facts about The Hajj 1 : Financially Capable

People who can attend to Mecca, need capability on their financial. For others who not lived in Arabic, it kind of a long journey abroad. Then, money become one of the condition to take on this religious duty.

Facts about The Hajj 2 : One of the Five Pillars of Islam

Islam has five main pilars which dutied by Allah on Prophet Muhammad’s era. Hajj become the last duty on five pillars of Islam. So the priority is the last, while the previous duties include, syahadat, solat, zakat, and fast (shaum).

Facts 2 Kaaba

Facts 2 Kaaba

Facts about The Hajj 3 : Occurs

The Hajj occurred once on a year. Thispilgrimage occurs between the 8th to 12th of Dhu al-Hijjah. While Dhu al-Hijjah is the last month on Islami Calendar which used lunar system on define the details of calendar.

Facts about The Hajj 4 : Ihram

Ihram is a special spiritual activity of pilgrims. Ihram means uses two white sheets, it is an seamless cloths. It as one of the rule on praises which need to do in this pilgrimage activity.

Facts 4 Tavaf

Facts 4 Tavaf

Facts about The Hajj 5 : Prophet Muhammad

Hajj is associated by Islamic prophet Muhammad during his life start in 7th century. By that era, Hajj is only to do once of a year. Then it become the duty for all Muslims which have capability on financial.

Facts about The Hajj 6 : Prophet Abraham

While Hajj was associated by prophet Muhammad, but the pilgrimage ritual considered by prophet Abraham on thousand years before the time of prophet Muhammad. Then, prophet Abraham set as the father of prophets.

Facts 6 Arafat Pilgrims

Facts 6 Arafat Pilgrims

Facts about The Hajj 7 : Tawaf and Sa’ay

Tawaf as the action on walking counterclockwise on seven times around the Kaaba and need to tawaf third during the Hajj. In Kaaba, recommended to kiss Hajar al-Aswad. Sa’ay is after the tawaf, it as the duty to running or walking seven times across the hills of Safa and Marwah. Find out facts about the Grey Wolf here

Facts about The Hajj 8 : Arafat

Pilgrims arrive in Arafat on 8th Dzu al-Hijjah. Arafat is a barren and plain land, located 20 kilometers on the east of Mecca. The pilgrims listen the sermon from the Islamic Scholar and seek after the mercy of God. The scholar delivered the sermon near from Jabal al-Rahmah.

Facts 8 Stoning at the Devil Ceremony

Facts 8 Stoning at the Devil Ceremony

Facts about The Hajj 9 : Animal Sacrifice

It as duty for people whom not in Mecca as pilgrims. When pilgrims were in Arafat, people who not pilgrims fasting which called Arafat fast. While, a day after the pilgrims on Arafat, the other Islamic Regions held animal sacrifice duty which as commemorate stroy between Abraham and Ishmael as the duty from Allah.

Facts about The Hajj 10 : Masjidil Haram

Masjidil Haram is a holy place on Islam, when people get praises into this place, Allah will give them more kindness. Kaaba and Hajar Aswad found in Masjidil Haram. It is a mosque which recommended by Prophet Muhammad to get pray on it. Find more facts about the Great Fire of London here

Facts 10 Masjid al-Haram Panorama

Facts 10 Masjid al-Haram Panorama

You find out that the Islamic duty from Allah called Hajj seems interesting right? Take it to your own and look after facts about The Hajj to increase your own knowledge about it.

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