10 Interesting Facts about The Hand

Let me tell you facts about the Hand which you need to explore now. I will tell you first, that hand is an outer organ of human, located at the end of arm or forelimb.Some animals also have the same hands, such as chimpanzees, monkeys, and lemurs. It has fingerprints on its part, which increase its function. Whether, human’s hand has main part of human because it can do much task that need to do by human. All the things that human activities done by the role of human’s hand. Here are facts about the Hand which need you to know.

Facts about the Hand 1 : Fingers

Fingers are the hand’s part. It is some of densest area located in body nerve endings. Hand is the richest source of the tactile feedback. Fingers make human ability on touching, holding, grabbing, also doing anything.

Facts about the Hand 2 : Bones

Human’s hand has 27 bones. 27 bones are not including with the sesamoid one. While, the phalanges are 14 bones. Also hand’s bones consist five metacarpals and eight carpals bones. Find more facts about the Great Sphinx here

Facts 2 Human's Hand

Facts 2 Human’s Hand

Facts about the Hand 3 : Structure

Hand start from wrist until the fingers. Hand has some part, include wrist, palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky.

Facts about the Hand 4 : Sesamoid Bones

Each people has diferent variety of sesamoid bones on his hand. The variety located in its number. Sesamoid bones found in interphalangeal joint of the thumb, the metacarpophangaeal joint of little finger, also the index finger. Thumb has 72.9% composition, little finger 82.5%, and index finger 48%.

Facts 4 Extensors Hand

Facts 4 Extensors Hand

Facts about the Hand 5 : Arches

The arches are bones which give ability on hand to doing every task in people whole life. The bony arches consist from longitudinal arches,transverse arches, and oblique arches.

Facts about the Hand 6 : Muscles

There are two muscle groups of hand, the intrinsic and extrinsic. The intrinsic are the thenar and hypothenar. The extrinsic are located on the underside of the forearm, etc. Find out facts about the Gray Wolf here

Facts 6 Innervation

Facts 6 Innervation

Facts about the Hand 7 : Innervation

The innervation include by motor innervation and cutaneous innervation. Motor innervation is an radial nerve innervates at the finger extension also it has thumb abductor. The cutaneous innervation The cutaneous innervation at the skin of the back of human’s hand.

Facts about the Hand 8 : Skin

The hairless skin of hand is located at the palm. The skin is thick, as it function to do some task. Then, it protected by that thick skin. While, the wrist is covered by the hairy skin which not thick as the palm one.

Facts 8 Skin of Hand

Facts 8 Skin of Hand

Facts about the Hand 9 : Human Variation of Hand

Adult male has average on length hand is 189 mm with the average of hand breath is 84 mm. Then, female has average length hand is 172 mm and the average of breath is 74 mm.

Facts about the Hand 10 : Disorders and Diseases

Each part of human organ has potentially to attacked by disease. Then, hands are has potential too. Some disease which attacked hand include polidactily, syndactily, ectrodactily, etc.

Facts 10 Polidactily on Hand

Facts 10 Polidactily on Hand

You have find out all the following facts about the Hand, are that facts fit to your own hand?

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