10 Interesting Facts about the Commonwealth Games

These are the following facts about The Commonwealth Games which probably give you information about it. What pop up in your mind when we talk about Commonwealth Games? A sport competition of Commonwealth countries? A multi-sport event? Or Glasgow? Those are the correct association of Commonwealth Games. As we know, this game just happened in Glasgow in this year. It is an international or we can call it multi-sport event which is involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. To know more about this sport event, here are ten interesting facts about Commonwealth Games.

Facts about Commonwealth Games 1: Changing name several times

From 1930 until 1950 this sport events is known as the British Empire Games. Then four years after that until 1966 its name become the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. In 1970 to 1974 they took on the title of British Commonwealth Games. After changing several times, it is decided to name it Commonwealth Games until now.

Facts about Commonwealth Games 2: Friendly Games

This game has motto: Humanity – Equality – Destiny. It is often referred to ‘Friendly Games”.

Facts 2 (Friendly Games)

Facts 2 (Friendly Games)

Facts about Commonwealth Games 3: Has been conducted every four years

The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton. In this event, women competed in the swimming competitions only. In the next events, they can compete in some athletics events. Start from 1930, the Commonwealth games has been conducted every four years except for 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.

Facts about Commonwealth Games 4: It is overseen by the Commonwealth Games Federation

The Commonwealth Games Federation decides the competition, controls sporting program and selects the host cities.

Facts 4 - It is overseen by the CGF

Facts 4 – It is overseen by the CGF

Facts about Commonwealth Games 5: The boycott of the Commonwealth Games

In 1978, Nigeria sent a protest and boycotted over New Zealand’s sporting contacts with South Africa. The second boycott happened in 1986, the participation of this game was influenced by a boycott by 32 African and Caribbean nations in protest to Margaret Thatcher – the British Minister in that era. This boycott is related to her refusal to condemn sporting contacts of Apartheid era South Africa in 1985.

Facts about Commonwealth Games 6: The frequent hosts of the Commonwealth Games

There are three nations which have hosted the games several times. They are Australia (five times), Canada (four times) and New Zealand (three times). In addition, six editions have taken place, or will take place, in the countries within the United Kingdom (Scotland 3, England 2 and Wales 1)

Facts 6 - The frequent hosts of the Commonwealth Games

Facts 6 – The frequent hosts of the Commonwealth Games

Facts about Commonwealth Games 7: Approved sports

In the Commonwealth Games there are a total of 22 sports (with two multi-disciplinary sports) and further seven para-sports which are approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation. They are grouped into three different types; core, optional and recognized sports.

Facts about Commonwealth Games 8: Three types sports of the Commonwealth Games

The first type is core sports, this type of sport have to be included on each program. The second type is optional sports; the host nation may be picked some of optional sports. The last type is recognized sports; these are types of sports which are deemed to need expansion. Although the CGF have approved this type of sport, host nations may not choose the sport until they fulfill the CGF’s requirements.

Facts 8 - Three types sports of the Commonwealth Games

Facts 8 – Three types sports of the Commonwealth Games

Facts about Commonwealth Games 9: The Commonwealth Paraplegic Games

The first paraplegic games were held together with the Commonwealth Games from 1962 to 1974. In exhibition events at 1994, the athletes with disability were included. In 2002, they were counted as full members in their national teams.

Facts about Commonwealth Games 10: The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

There are 4947 athletes and 71 commonwealth teams participating in the 2014 events. It was officially opened by Elizabeth II.

Facts 10 - The 2014 Commonweathg games in glasgow

Facts 10 – The 2014 Commonweathg games in glasgow

Those are the facts about The Commonwealth GamesHopefully those interesting facts will enrich your knowledge facts about the Commonwealth Games.


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