10 Interesting Facts about The Dugong

Those are the following facts about The Dugong which probably give you informations about this music instrument. The Dugong is a marine mammals. It live in some ocean in the world. It has large of body size and its one of the four living of Sirenia. Then, here are the following facts about The Dugong which you need to know.

Facts about The Dugong 1 : Extinction

The Dugong was became an extinct animals since 18th century. Their existence was lost because of the hunted activity especially by human. When, it is the only of sirenian on that time.

Facts about The Dugong 2 : Distribution

It spreads into water habitat at least in 37 countries of the world throughout in Indo Pasific. The large amount of dugongs live in nothern waters in Australia, its located between Shark Bay and Moreton Bay.

Facts 2 Dugong Underside

Facts 2 Dugong Underside

Facts about The Dugong 3 : Herbivor Mammals

While, the most big size mammals in the waters are carnivor, then dugong is the only strictly herbivor mammals in water areas. Than, some of the mammals on water environment are the carnivor, such as shark, dolphin, etc.

Facts about The Dugong 4 : Hunting for What?

Dugong on some previously centuries were hunted to get some benefit into this animals. The dugong hunted for its meat and oil. Its generally to fulfill the human needs also to get increase on economic sector by using dugong as a trade object.

Facts 4 Dugong Marsa Alam

Facts 4 Dugong Marsa Alam

Facts about The Dugong 5 : Lifespan

The Dugong has long lifespan, about 70 years or more. Than, with long lifespan make the slowly reproduction. That the new generation is formed in slowly rate. Than, it also make this animals faster to its extinction.

Facts about The Dugong 6 : The Dugong Appearance

Dugong is the big mammals. It has much fat on their bodies. The shape is cylindrical and it has smooth and thick skin. The color of their skin is too pale, maybe because of the influenced of waters. Also the skin color can change during the algae activities in the water.

Facts 6 Dugong

Facts 6 Dugong

Facts about The Dugong 7 : Habitat

Dugong found in warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa. Then they live into the waters which have enough of sunrises. They can be found in 140,000 from the coastline. They live in the water which have temperature between 260 and 270 degress to the north and south of equator.

Facts about The Dugong 8 : The Depth of Water

They live in the located which have depth around 10 m. though this area is shallow but the dugong still on travel about 10 kilometres from the shore on the 37 meters  found the  deepwater seagrasses such as Halophila spinulosa.

Facts 8 Dugong Area

Facts 8 Dugong Area

Facts about The Dugong 9 : Predator

Because they are the herbivor one, so that they don’t hunt the other animals. But, they might be hunting by the other animals. They have some predator such as crocodiles, killer whales, and sharks. The predator especially treath the young dugong because of the unstability of protection of themselves.

Facts about The Dugong 10 : Sea Cows

Dugong is set as the same with the cow. They totally have the same about the food which from the plants also the body size. They eat the seagrass, maybe impossible they only this kind of grass. But in their stomach found much variety of seagrass and algae.

Facts 10 Tambucanve Dugon

Facts 10 Tambucanve Dugon

Those are the following facts about The Dugong which probably make you interested to read it. Hopefully, it makes you feel entertained.

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