10 Interesting Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise

Here are facts about The Galapagos Tortoise which makes you know better about this kind of tortoise. The Galapagos Tortoise or known as giant tortoise is the largest species of tortoise on the world. It as the 13th heaviest reptile of the world because it has weight up to 250 kg. Then, let’s look up facts about The Galapagos Tortoise for you to read below.

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 1 : Extinct

Even it as the largest amount of tortoise species, but now they are extinct. It set from the larger versions of research.

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 2 : Distributions

At least, at 1.8 million years ago, Galapagos Tortoise roamed in every continent except Antarctic and Australia. Today, they live in two places only, especially in remote archipelagos include the Galapagos on the north of Ecuador and Aldabra which located in Indian Ocean, at 700 km east of Tanzania. Find more facts about the Daintree Rainforest here

Facts 2 Galapagos Giant Tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus)

Facts 2 Galapagos Giant Tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus)

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 3 : Life Span

This giant tortoise have long life span. On wild, they can live over of 100 years, then in captive individual they have longer life span, around 170 years.

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 4 : Characteristic

Galapagos Tortoise have specific character which can differentiate them with the other tortoises. The major character is the body size and neck. Saddle back is the special one of this tortoise, by their back they can carry a human. Length of neck is depended on habitat, which in humid they have short neck and in dry lowlands they have long neck.

Facts 4 Rothschild Tortoise

Facts 4 Rothschild Tortoise

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 5 : Habitat

As reptile animals, they can live both in humid and dry. They found larger in humid highland. Then, in dry lowlands, they found smaller because water is the important factor on their life so they lived larger in humid area.

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 6 : Routine Behavior

Tortoises as the ectothermic (cold-blooded), it makes them need sunshine in the morning. They usually bask after the dawn for 1-2 hours before they go to foraging for 8-9 hours a day. They walk slowly about 0.3 Kilometres per hour. Meanwhile, bathing in the mud pool also as their routine behavior. It as the thermoregulatory response during cool night and as the prevention on parasites attack, include mosquitoes and ticks. Find more facts about the Cliffs Moher here

Facts 6 Galapagos Tortoise Bathing

Facts 6 Galapagos Tortoise Bathing

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 7 : Pallet

Tortoise often rest on the under overhanging of rocks, also they have such a home called pallet. The pallet located on snug depression of land. Some pallet sites may uses by local tortoise, such as on Volcan Alcedo.

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 8 : Diet

Tortoise is an herbivores. They have some diet, include grasses, leaves, lichens, berries, and cacti. They have efficient digestive equal as the high gut fermenting mammals include horses and rhinos.

Facts 8 Galapagos Giant Tortoise Feeding

Facts 8 Galapagos Giant Tortoise Feeding

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 9 : Requirement of Water

Galapagos Tortoise acquire their moisture by dew and sap, meanwhile they can live on 6 months without water. By the lack of water and foods, they still survive on a year. But in conditions their body weight had greatly increased because to live without water and foods, they have to break the fat of their body.

Facts about The Galapagos Tortoise 10 : Egg Laying

After mating, then the female needs to lay in their eggs. The eggs put on the dry lowlands areas. When right location found, they dig a cylindrical hole about 30 cm, then up to sixteen eggs put inside. The eggs about 82 to 157 grams.

Facts 10 Galapagos Egg and Hatchling

Facts 10 Galapagos Egg and Hatchling

Finally, we got facts about The Galapagos Tortoise , maybe you find at least one important point, then hopefully what is served may take advantages into your life.

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