10 Interesting Facts about The Country Georgia

These interesting Facts about The Country Georgia will give you knowledge and information to know more about it. Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is a member of the Council of Europe and the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development.  Below are some details facts about Georgia Country.

Facts about The Country Georgia 1: Etymology of Georgia

Georgia is an exonym which is used in the West since the medieval period. It is believed come from Middle Persian varkâna means “land of wolves”. The name was etymologized as referring to St. George because of Georgians’ special reverence for that saint.

Facts about The Country Georgia 2: History of Georgia

Georgia was part of the Khazar Empire during three centuries. At the beginning of 11th century, its various independent regions united into a single Georgian Kingdom.

Facts 2 (History of Georgia)

Facts 2 (History of Georgia)

Facts about The Country Georgia 3: Languages of Georgia

The official language of Georgia is Georgian. In percentage, the citizens of Georgia speak 71% Georgian, 9% Russian, 7% Armenian, 6% Azerbaijan and 7% other.

Facts about The Country Georgia 4: Military of Georgia

The Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) is the name of the military of Georgia. It is organized into land and air forces. Here, Georgia sent around 1000 soldiers to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. It makes Georgia has the highest troop contributor per-capita to the mission.

Facts 4 (Military of Georgia)

Facts 4 (Military of Georgia)

Facts about The Country Georgia 5: Traffic Police Incident

Interesting incident happened in 2005; President Mikhail Saakashvili fired the entire traffic police force of the Georgian National Police. Around 30,000 police officers were fired because of corruption.

Facts about The Country Georgia 6: Population of Georgia

84 % of Georgia’s current population is formed by ethnic Georgians.  Their official language is Georgian. Based on 2006 statistics, Turkey and China are the most immigrants in Georgia.

Facts 6 (Population of Georgia)

Facts 6 (Population of Georgia)

Facts about The Country Georgia 7: Orthodox Christianity as the Major Religion

One of the world’s most ancient Christian Churches is located in Georgia. Its name is the Georgian Orthodox Church which claims apostolic foundation by Saint Andrew. According to 2002 statistic, Georgian practices 83.9 % Orthodox Christianity, 9.9% Muslims, 3.9% Armenian Christians and 0.8% Roman Catholics.

Facts about The Country Georgia 8: Culture

Rich folklore, unique traditional music, theatre, cinema and art formed Georgia as a country which has rich culture.  They are well known for their love of music, dance, theatre and cinema.

Facts 8 (Culture)

Facts 8 (Culture)

Facts about The Country Georgia 9: Sports

Rugby union is one of the most popular sports in Georgia. Football, basketball, wrestling, judo and weightlifting are the lists of the popular sports there. In addition, Georgia has the first and only race circuit which satisfies FIA named Rustavi International Motorpark.

Facts about The Country Georgia 10: Cuisine

Khinkali (meat dumplings) has become particular dish of Georgia. Khinkali comes from eastern mountainous Georgia. Georgian has unusual traditions of dining called Supra or Georgian table. It is a way of socializing with friends and family.

Facts 10 (Cuisine)

Facts 10 (Cuisine)

Hopefully these interesting Facts about The Country Georgia will enrich your sources of reading.

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