10 Interesting Facts about The German Flag

Let me tell you Facts about The German Flag which maybe will give you such information about this flag then. The German Flag has tricolor include three equal horizontal bands. The flag displays the national colors of Germany, such as black, red, and gold. The flag first adopted on modern Germany as national flag in 1919 on Weimar Republic. Let’s take attention for the facts about German Flag below.

Facts about The German Flag 1 : Competing Traditions of National Colors

Before German has the national flag, there were competing traditions of national colors, include black-red-gold and black-white-red. The black-red-gold achieved prominence of 1848 Revolutions. Ant the black-white-red was adopted on North German Confederation after the Austro-Prussian War.

Facts about The German Flag 2 : Modern Flag

Modern flag of German set after the association of the republican democracy which formed after World War I. This modern flag represented as German unity and freedom. Then, the black-red-gold set as the modern flag which then set as the national flag of German. Find more facts about the French Revolution here

Facts 2 Flag of Germany

Facts 2 Flag of Germany

Facts about The German Flag 3 : Origins

Colors black-red-gold were associated by German to symbolize the movement against the Conservative European Order, and that was established after the defeat of Napoleon. Also Frankfurt Parliament announced that the tricolors as the official colors of German Confederation.

Facts about The German Flag 4 : Civil Flag

The German Flag for civil events or organizations containing only the black-red-gold tricolors. It usually used by non-federal authorities to connect their communication with the government. Also the civil flag has its vertical version.

Facts 4 Vertical Civil Flag

Facts 4 Vertical Civil Flag

Facts about The German Flag 5 : Government Flag

For government uses, there addition attribute on the black-red-gold tricolor. The attribute called Bundesschild (“Federal Shield”) which located on one fifth of black and gold bands. The remain parts are on red. It used by the government federal authorities. It has the vertical version too which in overlaps same as the horizontal flag.

Facts about The German Flag 6 : Design

On the first design, there was still debated between the use of yellow or gold. But the government set the flag with gold, which has nearly character with yellow. The proportion on tricolor one of them are black, red Pantone 485, and Gold Pantone 7405. Finally the gold was set as the alternative of complicated combination.  Find more facts about the GAA here

Facts 6 Design Flag of Germany

Facts 6 Design Flag of Germany

Facts about The German Flag 7 : Flag Days

There was one decree of federal on 22 March 2005. Evert public buildings have to flown the flag on some following dates. Dates which set as the flag days include 27 January, 1 May, 9 May, 23 May, 17 June, 3 October, etc. Those following dates set as the flag dates for the several reasons to commemorate on historical events

Facts about The German Flag 8 : Revolution and The Frankfurt Parliament

During on the Revolutions of 1848, much people had took o the streets and brought flying tricolor flag. After the revolutions, then national assembly had to took decision. The Frankfurt Parliament as the event to declared the national flag of Germany which has tricolor include black-red-gold.

Facts 8 Revolutions Movement

Facts 8 Revolutions Movement

Facts about The German Flag 9 : Divided Germany

It happened during 1949 to 1989 signed by the Berlin Wall. During this time, the used of flag both on the black-red-gold in variations but in different design.

Facts about The German Flag 10 : Present Uses

After the fall of Berlin Wall, officially German Flag set as the black-red-gold. The flag uses for all government of civil events. And set as the national flag for Germany. One of public uses is for supported the National German Football Club on World Cup.

Facts 10 World Cup 2006 German Fans

Facts 10 World Cup 2006 German Fans

Those are the following Facts about The German Flag. Then you know what the uses of the flag and also the history of it.

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