10 Interesting Facts about New Zealand

These following facts about New Zealand will certainly make you want to visit this country even more. If you love some certain animals, this country has many kind of animals you should see. New Zealand, as you know, is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It geographically comprises two main landmasses, that of the North and South Islands, and numerous smaller islands. This country is really famous for its animal, sheep and its wool production. As for that, to get to know more information about it, below are the other facts about New Zealand you may be interested in.

Facts about New Zealand 1: World’s First Flight

It was probably a New Zealander, Richard William Pearse, who took the world’s first flight – nearly two years before the Wright Brothers in the United States (this however cannot be proven). On 31 March 1902 Pearse managed to fly his home-made aircraft 91 metres in a field near Timaru.

Facts about New Zealand 2: William Hamilton

William Hamilton, a Canterbury farmer, developed and perfected the propellerless jet boat based on the principle of water jet propulsion. Following this, Hamilton went on to invent the hay-lift, an advanced air compressor, an advanced air conditioner, a machine to smooth ice on skating ponds; the water sprinkler and also contributed to the improvements of hydro-power.

Facts about New Zealand - FlagFacts about New Zealand - Flag

Facts about New Zealand – Flag

Facts about New Zealand 3: First Person to Split the Atom

Baron Ernest Rutherford, a New Zealander, was the first person in the world to split the atom (in 1919). Rutherford also succeeded in transmitting and detecting ‘wireless waves’ a year before Marconi, but left this work to pursue researching radioactivity and the structure of the atom at Trinity College in Cambridge, England. Rutherford was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work.

Facts about New Zealand 4: Curio Bay

Curio Bay in Southland is one of the world’s most extensive and least disturbed examples of a petrified forest. The forest itself is approximately 180 million years old.

Facts about New Zealand - Map

Facts about New Zealand – Map

Facts about New Zealand 5: Smallest Water Animal

The Hector’s Dolphin, the world’s smallest marine dolphin, and Hooker’s sea lion, the world’s rarest sea lion, are only found in New Zealand waters.

Facts about New Zealand 6: Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park was the fourth national park to be established in the world and the first in New Zealand, in 1887. The Yellowstone National Park in the United States was the first in 1872. Every country has its own national park, including Uruguay. Check our for more Uruguay facts.

Facts about New Zealand - Lambs

Facts about New Zealand – Lambs

Facts about New Zealand 7: Literary Figure

Katherine Mansfield is New Zealand’s greatest literary figure. Her works shake free of plots and endings,but tell stories, for the first time, through the expansiveness of the interior life, the poetry of feeling, and the blurred edges of personality.

Facts about New Zealand 8: Sport

Rugby is the most popular spectator sport in New Zealand but a variety of sports such as football (soccer), cricket, netball, golf and others are popular among participants.

Facts about New Zealand - Milford Sound

Facts about New Zealand – Milford Sound

Facts about New Zealand 9: Unique Animal

Due to its solation, New Zealand has developed unique animal and plant life. The bird species of New Zealand are particularly diverse, including alpine parrots and ground dwelling Kiwis. The term ‘Kiwi’ is also used as a nickname for a New Zealander.

Facts about New Zealand 10: Arts

As part of the resurgence of M?ori culture, the traditional crafts of carving and weaving are now more widely practized and M?ori artists are increasing in number and influence. Most M?ori carvings feature human figures, generally with three fingers and either a natural-looking, detailed head or a grotesque head.

Facts about New Zealand - Bungee Jumping

Facts about New Zealand – Bungee Jumping

Those following facts about New Zealand should have made you more amazed about the country. Once you visit the country, you will be really comfortable. Instead of staying-at-home in New Zealand, you probably want to take a walk or two to enjoy its beautiful scenery there. Hope you found those New Zealand facts interesting and useful.

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