10 Interesting Facts about Qatar

These following facts about Qatar might make you  feel admired of the country, not only because its GP Formula 1 (for those who love it), but also because its  history and scenery. As you know, Qatar is a sovereign Arab state, located in Western Asia. Qatar occupies the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the rest of its territory surrounded by the Persian Gulf. To get to know more about it, here are the other facts about Qatar you may like.

Facts about Qatar 1: Citizens

There are only around 300,000 native Qatari citizens. The rest of the population, in order of size of community, are expats from the Arab peninsula; Indian subcontinent; Southeast Asia and ‘other’ countries, including Europe.

Facts about Qatar 2: Cultivation

Unlike other countries in the world, Qatar is known as a cultivation country. It cultivates less than 1% of its land, imports 90% of its food, and has only 2 days worth of water reserves.

Facts about Qatar - Flag of Qatar

Facts about Qatar – Flag of Qatar

Facts about Qatar 3: Temperature

The temperature in Qatar averages at 13 Celcius degrees  (7 degrees minimum) in winter, averages at 41 Celcius degrees (50 degrees max) in the summer, and receives only 70mm of rain per year.

Facts about Qatar 4: World Cup 2022

Qatar will be the smallest country ever to host the World Cup in 2022, although it has never qualified for the Cup before.

Facts about Qatar - Map of Qatar

Facts about Qatar – Map of Qatar

Facts about Qatar 5: Drunk

The national Carrier Qatar Airways allow you to buy liquor on its planes but does not allow you to bring them into the country so you end up drunk even before you set foot. This is almost similar to people in Ukraine where everybody love to drink. Check out for more Ukraine facts.

Facts about Qatar 6: Parliament

Qatar is a sovereign state, with the Emir ruling an absolute monarchy. Rule is hereditary, with power transferred from father to son.

Facts about Qatar - View

Facts about Qatar – View

Facts about Qatar 7: Natural Gas Biggest Exporter

Qatar is the biggest exporter of natural gas in the world. It also has the fastest growing economy in the world and has the highest per capita income than any country in the world. This means it is very, very, very wealthy. Also, when you buy two cups of cappuccino in Starbucks, they’re more expensive than filling a Hummer with a tank full of petrol since petrol is really cheap.

Facts about Qatar 8: Investment

Foreigners can invest in businesses in Qatar but at least 51% of the business must be owned by a Qatari. Foreigners cannot buy real estate in Qatar, with the exception of in The Pearl, an exclusive,  luxurious, riviera style man-made island.

Facts about Qatar - Night View

Facts about Qatar – Night View

Facts about Qatar 9: Obese Nations

Qatar is one of the most obese nations on earth with residents fatter, on average, than even those of the United States. Roughly half of adults and a third of children in Qatar are obese.

Facts about Qatar 10: Pre-marriage Blood Test

The Qatari government has implemented free and voluntary pre-marriage blood tests, which can warn potential spouses of genetic risks in their potential offspring.

Facts about Qatar - Citizens

Facts about Qatar – Citizens

Those facts about Qatar  might make you want to visit the country. With all history and things, this country is really beautiful and interesting to visit. Hope you found these Qatar facts really interesting and joyful to read.

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