10 Interesting Facts about Venezuela

One of these following facts about Venezuela will be one of your facts references to visit this countries. If you love to travel much around the the world, then Venezuela will be one of the first places you should visit. Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of south America. Its territory covers around 916, 446 square kilometers with an estimated population of approximately 29,100,000. Venezuela is also considered a state with extremely high biodiversity, with habitats ranging from the Andes mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rainforest in the south. As for that, to get to know more information about it, below are the other facts about Venezuela you may be interested in.

Facts about Venezuela 1: Official Name

There are about 30 million people that live in Venezuela, it’s on the north coast of South America and has borders with Colombia, Brazil and Guyana.  The official name is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Facts about Venezuela 2: Original Name

The name Venezuela is believe to come from either the stilt houses first recognized by European settlers reminding them of the city of Venice, Italy, originally named Veneziola, or from an indigenous population who called themselves the Veneciuela.

Facts about Venezuela - Flag

Facts about Venezuela – Flag

Facts about Venezuela 3: Largest City

The largest city in Venezuela is Caracas (the capital) with almost 6 million people, followed by Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Ciudad Guayana, Barcelona, Maturin, Bailadores and Turmero.

Facts about Venezuela 4: Indigenous Languages

Besides Spanish, Venezuela recognizes more than 30 indigenous languages.  Other languages include Portuguese, English, German, Italian, Arabic and Chinese.

Facts about Venezuela - Hugo Chavez

Facts about Venezuela – Hugo Chavez

Facts about Venezuela 5: Geography

The geography of Venezuela is characterized by the Maracaibo lowlands in the northwest, mountains going across the north, plains in middle, and the Guiana Highlands in the southeast.

Facts about Venezuela 6: Highest Waterfall

Within the Guiana Highlands are Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall.

Facts about Venezuela - Highest waterfall

Facts about Venezuela – Highest waterfall

Facts about Venezuela 7: Canaima National Park

The Canaima National Park is one of the largest national parks worldwide and Lake Maracaibo is considered the largest lake in South America.

Facts about Venezuela 8: Currency

The currency in Venezuela is the Bolivar Fuerte, (VEF), a large part of its economy comes from its vast petroleum reserves, one of the founding members of OPEC.

Facts about Venezuela - National Assembly of Venezuela

Facts about Venezuela – National Assembly of Venezuela

Facts about Venezuela 9: Cuisines

The cuisine in Venezuela varies by region and is influenced by different ancestries, including Native American, African, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French.  The east and the north include different types of fish, seafood as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.  Other areas include corn, beef, cheese and other dairy, potatoes and more.  Arepas are found across the country, a bread made from cornstarch, water and salt and served with most dishes.

Facts about Venezuela 10: Beverages

Beverages include Beer, Chicha, Cocada (a coconut milkshake), Mango juice, Passion fruit juice and Rum.

Facts about Venezuela - Central University of Venezuela

Facts about Venezuela – Central University of Venezuela

Those facts about Venezuela might make you want to visit the country. With all history and things, this country is really beautiful and interesting to visit. Hope you found these Venezuela facts really interesting and joyful to read.

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