10 Interesting Facts about The Bubonic Plague

These following facts about the Bubonic Plague which probably give you some informations about the Bubonic Plague. Bubonic plague is a disease which caused by zoonotic. It mainly in fleas by a small rodents. The patogent which infects this disease is Yersinia pestis, has a name Yersinia pestis that includes in family Enterobactericeae. Those are the facts about the Bubonic Plague below.

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 1 : It has Potential on Killing

The Bubonic Plague can kill people that infected by this disease. But, it only potentially kill when the intensively treatment is not implemented. Without treatment, the Bubonic Plague kills about two thirds of infected humans within four days.

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 2 : This Disease Named by Greek Term

The Bubonic Plague is from the Greek term, it from the word ?ou??v, which means “groin”. Swollen lymph nodes also calls buboes, it occur especially in the armpit and groin.

Facts 2 (This Disease Named by Greek Term)

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 3 : Consist by Septimetic Plague and Pneumonic Plague

They are the two manifestations that consist the Bubonic Plague. People which infecfted by the Bubonic Plague, has a trouble in their septimetic also in their lungs. So that it makes the disease makes the people who infected has a terrible of sickness.

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 4 : Caused the Black Death

There was a big terrible disaster which caused by the disease. The most people said that the caused of this terrible disaster was the Bubonic Plague which infected by Y. Pestis. In 14th century, this disease killed 25 million lives. The black death which caused by the Bubonic Plague happened in Europe and took 30-60% lives of the population.

Facts 4 (Caused of Black Death)

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 5 : Signs and Symptoms

The Bubonic Plague first attacked the lymph glands, it known as buboes and it was swollen and painfull. Then the bacteria Y. Pestis which lived locally on the lymph node to continued make colonies and produced. The common symptoms are make a black skin on armpits, upper femoral, groin and neck region. Also in gangrene such as the fingers, toes, lips and nose.

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 6 : Diagnosis

Infection is confirmed after the examining of serum which taken during in the early and the late stages of infection. Then quickly the antigen of the patient showed on screen so that the existense of the Y. Rapid can be found.

Facts 6 (Diagnosis)

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 7 : Treatment

Treatment uses some antibiotic. Some class of antibiotics are effective in treating the Bubonic Plague. The antibiotics such as aminoglycosides, streptomycin and gentamycin, tetracyclines (especially doxycycline), and the fluoroquinolone ciprofloxacin. The treated case of bubonic plague is about 1-15% which compared to a mortality of 40-60% in untreated cases.

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 8 : Biological Warfare

The Bubonic Plague used as the biological warfare. It all because the disease can be the cause of death so that the army of some state also produced plague as the biological warfare. It used on the Japanese War in 1941.

Facts 8 (Biological Warfare)

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 9 : Treatment could Dicrease of Death Potential

People who surely infected by the disease, should quickly handle this disease with some treatment. Also the people which potentially infected but yet positif need immediate treatment. The preventive way is the consumption of the antibiotics within 24 hours. Other treatment include oxygen, intravenous fluids, and respiratory support.

Facts about the Bubonic Plague 10 : Traditional Treatment

The medical treatment surely have the risk on the healt. The risks such as the problems on the liver also kidney because of the use of some medicine. The traditional treatment include in good diet, rest, and relocating a non infected environment so that the people has no potentially infected the disease.

Facts 10 (Traditional Treatment)

Those are the following facts about the Bubonic Plague. After read this following facts hope you will get additional informations.

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