10 Interesting Facts about The British Monarchy

Those following facts include on the facts about The British Monarchy. The British Monarchy also known as The Monarchy of United Kingdom is the constitutional monarchy of United Kingdom and some overseas of its territories. It use title King (male) and Queen (female). The current monarch was Queen Elizabeth II, replacing her father, King George VI who died on 6 Feruary 1952.  There are some facts about The British Monarchy below, so you can get more infromation.

Facts about The British Monarchy 1 : The Monarch and Family undertake all the official affair

Those official affair such as ceremonial, diplomatic and representative duties.  The monarch has to be netral, not partisan on anything that include with state.

Facts about The British Monarchy 2 : Act in Tradition Way of The Origin State

As The Monarch, its a big duty for always has a tradition behaviour. That is because there are so much task to do with people in other state so The Monarch must be showed her/his behaviour with the origin state tradition.


Facts about The British Monarchy 3 : Tradition Monarchy broken in 1649 to 1660

In 1649 to 1660, tradition of Monarchy broken by the republican Commonswealth of England. Then followed by War of the Three Kingdoms. The Act of Settlement 1701, which is still in force, exclude Roman Catholics. Those who marry chatolics, then continued the English throne.

Facts about The British Monarchy 4 : Union of Kingdoms

In 1707, United Kingdom (England) and Scotland were merged to create The Kingdom Great Britain. And in 1801, the Kingdom Ireland joined to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


Facts about The British Monarchy 5 : Impact of Magna Carta

Magna Carta actually reducing monarchy’s politic power in United Kingdom. In 13th century, Wales became a client state of the United Kingdom. Then Magna Carta started to reducing Monarchy’s political power because many state became a group, so that the political aspects must be built into a group, not only the superpower did.

Facts about The British Monarchy 6 : Monarchy became vast because of British Empire

The British Empire can be told as a mother of Monarchy. Because the existed was long time ago before the monarchy created. And the monarchy inherited some colonies and territorials from the British Empire, so that the power of monarchy was too big to get some new colonies among the world.


Facts about The British Monarchy 7 : Empire Ended after Second World War

After Second World War, much colonies and territories became independent state, so that the empire came to an end. Then, Elizabeth used the title Head of The Common Wealth as a symbol of free association of member state which had their independent. So that, the British Monarchy can be seen until now.

Facts about The British Monarchy 8 : Religious Role

There were action to establish Church of England. United Kingdom inhabitants are had a loyal mind to accepted Catholic. So that, the Monarchy had decision to gave title spiritual leader to Archbishop of Canterbury. In addition became spiritual leader, Archbishop of Canterbury also had duty to establish the church in United Kingdom.


Facts about The British Monarchy 9 : Finance

The crown estate o the largest property owners in the United Kingdom., holdings at 7,3 billion euro in 2011. The land and assets of the duty of Lancaster are held in trust.

Facts about The British Monarchy 10 : Royal Family doesnt’t have their own belong

Royal collections such as artwork and the crown jewels not belong to sovereign personally and is held in trust. But it belong to palaces in United Kingdom such as Buckingham palace.


Those are some facts about the British Monarchy. So after read this facts you will have addition informations about the British Monarchy.

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