10 Interesting Facts about The Bronze Age

Those are the following facts about the Bronze Age that might give you some information which you don’t know before. Bronze Age is a period of time which has characterized by the use it bronze, proto writing and other features of urban civilization. Those are the following facts about the Bronze Age below.

Facts about The Bronze Age 1 : Second Principal Period of Three Age

The three ages consist the stone age, bronze age and the iron system. The bronze ages is the middle of the three age. So that it not totally ancient and not longer modern too. It founded before the modern iron system found.

Facts about The Bronze Age 2 : Bronze Culture was a Development of the First Writing

Based on the archaeological evidence, it showed that the Mesopotamia (cuneiform), Egypt (hieroglyphs) had developed writing system first before the bronze existed. Previously, writing system putted on the stone, then when the bronze age came, it changed into the Bronze.


Facts about The Bronze Age 3 : Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia in Bronze age was began about 2000 BC and ended with the Kassite period. Usual tripartite into an early, middle and late bronze age are not used.

Facts about The Bronze Age 4 : 3 Period on Bronze Age

There were three period on bronze age, such as early bronze age (EBA) which occurred between 3300-2100 BC, middle bronze age (MBA) which occurred between 2100 -1550 BC  and late bronze age (LBA) which occurred between 1550-1200 BC. The differences between on three period located on its length time on reformed.


Facts about The Bronze Age 5 : Persian Bronze Age

Late of 3rd millennium BC silver cup from Mary dasht, Fars, with linear-elaminate inscription. There was elam which an ancient civilization in East Mesopotamia, etc.

Facts about The Bronze Age 6 : Anotalia

In 18th century BC, the Hittite empire was established in Hattusa in Northern Anatolia. Then as late as the 8th century BC, Neo-Hittite City State were independent.


Facts about The Bronze 7 : Mediterranean Bronze Age

Chalcolithic copper minein Timna Valley, Negev, Desert Israel. The Bronze age named Ebla. It was height from ca. 2000–1600 BC. In Mediterranean, developed of Bronze age also had a period as usual. So that there was no problems on its reform.

Facts about The Bronze 8 : Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, Bronze age began on protodynastic period in 3150 BC. It on early Bronze age og Egypt also known as the Early Dynastic period of Egypt.


Facts about The Bronze Age 9 : Central Asia Bronze Age

The Altar Mountains between Russia and Mongolia have been identified as the point origin of cultural enigma termed the Seima Turbino Phenomenon. It occurred around 2000 BC..

Facts about The Bronze Age 10 : Chinese Bronze Age

Bronze Age in China establish complicated by two factors, such as: 1. Arrival of iron smelting technology, and 2. Persistence of Bronze object.


Those are the following facts about The Bronze Age. Hope that the facts will give you more addition on reading.

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