10 Interesting Facts about The Dark Ages

Here are the following facts about The Dark Ages which might maybe give you some information about this era. The Dark Ages was an era which also known as the middle ages. This age described the declined of the Roman Empire which be the caused of the deterioration on culture and economic. So here are the following facts about The Dark Ages which you need to know below.

Facts about The Dark Ages 1 : The Imagery

The light versus darkness used as the imagery of this age. This phrase used on this age to contrast the darkness” of the period with earlier and later periods of “light”.

Facts about The Dark Ages 2 : Lack of Records

This age charateristiced by the lack of records. The informations were not completely available. There were scarcity on historical and ritten records which described this age, so that the historicans still on wondering about this age.

Facts 2 Petrarch

Facts 2 Petrarch

Facts about The Dark Ages 3 : The Term

The term “Dark Ages” firstly appeared in between 10th and 11th centuries. This term was derived on saeculum obscurum which is the Latin term. First applied by Caesar Baronius in 1602.

Facts about The Dark Ages 4 : Concept of Dark Ages

The Dark Ages in a concept which firstly introduced by an Italian scholar Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca) in the 1330s. Its totally a protest of the character of Late Latin Literature. Then this age called by “dark” because it had compared to the light of classical antiquity.

Facts 4 The Dark Ages

Facts 4 The Dark Ages

Facts about The Dark Ages 5 : Protestant Reformation

Protestant called the dark side into a chatolic corruption, they mentioned this sentence during the Protestant Reformation on 16th and 17th century. This reformation as a feedback from the Petrarch written as an attack on Christianity.

Facts about The Dark Ages 6 : The Magdeburg Centurie

During the reformation, then the Christianity devoted The Magdeburg Centuries which compiled by Lutheran and published between 1559 and 1574. This kind of work used as the answer of Pettrach work which made the Christianity got offened. The work showed the anti-chatolic side, because of the differences on comprehension about God so that the conflict were held.

Facts 6 The Dark Ages

Facts 6 The Dark Ages

Facts about The Dark Ages 7 : Annales Ecclesiastici

The most popular replied on The Magdeburg Centurie was the Annales Ecclesiastici which written by Cardinal Caesar Baronius. It was described the growth of Christianity on their first twelve centuries up to 1198. Then it published between 1158 and 1607.  In unknown volume on selling, Baronius sed the term “dark age” in between the end of Carolingian Empire in 888 and the read of reform the Gregorian Empire led by Pope Clement II in 1046.

Facts about The Dark Ages 8 : Still Controversy on Term “Dark”

In the 20th, some scholar still had re-evaluation of the term “dark”. They said that this had means to pejorative use. It started when Denys Hay told the ironically of the human live which called as darkness.

Facts 8 Christianity

Facts 8 Christianity

Facts about The Dark Ages 9 : The Use Nowadays

Now the term “Dark Ages” still on scholar using but it using a neutral side. Because some people have understand that the ages which called “dark” was happened in the reality of human live. The ages include the Bronze Age collapse and the subsequent of Greek Darl Ages.

Facts about The Dark Ages 10 : The Medieval Period

Medieval Period were carricatured based on time of ignorance and superstition. Then Edward Grant wrote that revolutionary rational thought expressed in the 18th century, it all possible because the medieval tradition established the human activities.

Facts 10 Medieval Artistic

Facts 10 Medieval Artistic

Those are the following facts about The Dark Ages. Then, hopefully this informations make you understand about the era which called Dark Ages.

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