10 Interesting Facts about The Dalai Lama

Here are the following facts about The Dalai Lama which probably give you informations about it. As we know, Dalai Lama is the head monk of Gelug or the “Yellow Hat” school located in Tibetan Buddhism. This school was founded by Tsongkhapa during 1357-1419. In 14th, Tenzin Gyatso as the curren Dalai Lama was recognized since 1950. And now these are the following facts about the Dalai Lama.

Facts about The Dalai Lama 1 : Succesor

In traditionally thought, The Dalai Lama was set as the succesor of the line of tulkus. Dalai Lama was considered to be metaphorical manifestations of Avalokitesvara.

Facts about The Dalai Lama 2 : The Term

Dalai Lama in Mongolic word included as Dalai which means “ocean” and on Tibetan word (bla-ma) which means “guru, teacher, mentor”. Then Lama on Tibetan from Sanskirt word which means “guru”.

Facts 2 Tibet

Facts 2 Tibet

Facts about The Dalai Lama 3 : Karma Kagyu

The Karma Kagyu was known as the Karma Pakshi will before of his death. He advised for his disciplies to locate a boy which will inherite the black hat. He instructed in the Karma Kagyu based on the Eternal of Buddhist Darma premise.

Facts about The Dalai Lama 4 : Untangled Power of Tibet

Tibet become untangled on power in 1630s when the rising of Manchu and various Mongol and Oirat factions. Ligden Khan who had to retreating from Manchu to set out The Yellow Hat sect in Tibet was dead during that mission on his way to Qinghai.

Facts 4 The Dalai Lama

Facts 4 The Dalai Lama

Facts about The Dalai Lama 5 : Gushi Khan

Gushi Khan was killed Tsogt Taij on fought to defend the power of Tibet. Than, Gushi Khan set as the Protector of Yellow Church. Also he helped the fifth Dalai Lama on established the Dalai Lama himself. Because Dalai Lama had rights into highest spiritual and political authority in Tibet.

Facts about The Dalai Lama 6 : The Fifth Dalai Lama

When the fifth Dalai Lama had his authority in Tibet, the Tibet had growing much especially in cultural development. Also the stronghold of Tibet could be increased, so that Tibet had its big majority. But when the fifth Dalai Lama dead, his dead was on secret. It all done to prevented for some people to get on advantage by his succession.

Facts 6 The Dalai Lama

Facts 6 The Dalai Lama

Facts about The Dalai Lama 7 : The Sixth Dalai Lama

After the fifth Dalai Lama deaths, Tsangyang Gyatso as the sixth Dalai Lama was not enthroned until 1697. He was only enjoyed the life style on his authority as Dalai Lama such as drinking, women and writing love songs. Then Tibet was not in stabil condition when the regent was murdered. Then, the Dalai Lama executed to control Tibet of the security. But on the way near Koko Nur, he dead because of the illness.

Facts about The Dalai Lama 8 : The Conflict on Choosing Next Dalai Lama

After the sixth Dalai Lama died on his illness, there were two people who want to set as Dalai Lama, they were Lobzang Khan and Kelzang Gyatso. Then to got position of Dalai Lama, the conflict held. It indicated when the Lobzang Khan was killed by the Dzungars.

Facts 8 Kubilai Khan

Facts 8 Kubilai Khan

Facts about The Dalai Lama 9 : Kelzyang Gyatso

Then also to got the position as Dalai Lama, there was a large expedition sent by Kangxi Emperor to expelled the Dzungar from the Tibet and the troops which had to liberator. Then the Kelzyang Gyatso set as the seventh Dalai Lama.

Facts about The Dalai Lama 10 : The Dalai Lama vs Tiongkok Goverment

During the conflict of the struggle of Dalai Lama position, in other the Tiongkok Goverment as set by now as a comunist. Then, the goverment said that the monks were approved by the goverment but Tashi Wangdi responsed that the goverment authority was meaningless to got intervention into the tradition lead by Dalai Lama system.

Facts 10 Dalai Lama

Facts 10 Dalai Lama

Those are the facts about The Dalai Lama which can be as your additional information. Then, hope you can enjot the points which have mentioned.

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