10 Interesting Facts about the Mayflower

Facts about The Mayflower inform you with the layout, deck, descriptions, and other information about Mayflower ship. This ship is very important in the history of United States.  There were 102 English passengers transported from site located neat Mayflower Steps in Plymouth England in 1960 to Massachusetts, America. Get more information about Mayflower here:

Facts about the Mayflower 1: The Mayflower

The Mayflower is the name of the ship which transported the pilgrims or English passengers to reach the New World/ America. The pilgrims arrived in America after taking the voyage in 66 days.

Facts about The Mayflower 2: the people on the ships

The report stated that Mayflower took 102 passengers. There were 25 to 30 crew members in the ship. This type of ship actually could transport 140 people but the space would be very tight.

Facts about The Marines

Facts about The Marines

Facts about The Mayflower 3: the owner

Who was the owner of Mayflower? He was Christopher Jones. He also served as the captain in the ship.

Facts about The Mayflower 4: the age of the ship

Mayflower was not a new ship. When it transported the pilgrims to the new World, it was 12 years old.

Mayflower Image

Mayflower Image

Facts about The Mayflower 5: the job of the ships

It had been used for various purposes in the past. The ship was used to transport wine and other goods from England to France.

Facts about The Mayflower 6: a sailing ship

Can you imagine the risk that the pilgrims had to face when they sailed using Mayflower? This ship was a sailing ship. Therefore, it needed the wind to sail.

Mayflower Pic

Mayflower Pic

Facts about The Mayflower 7: a carrack

Mayflower was included as a carrack typed ship.  The vessel description of Mayflower can be seen on the 3 mast square rigged on the mainmast and foremast. This ship was good for a long journey with a lot of passengers and cargo.   When it reached the heavy sea, it was stable enough.

Facts about The Mayflower 8: the class of vessel

Now let’s talk about the class of vessel of Mayflower.  It used fluyts developed by the Dutch in 1600s. This fluyt was not suitable for a large craft. Since the fluyt had a big cargo space, it was not great to enter the small harbor, rivers and coves. Check out another history in facts about industrial revolution.

Mayflower Ship

Mayflower Ship

Facts about The Mayflower 9: canons

The pilgrims wanted to defend themselves from any attack from the French or Spanish during the journey to the New World. Therefore, the ship was fitted with four medium sized cannon and eight small cannon.

Facts about The Mayflower 10: the tight

Since the space in the ship was very limited because it was inhabited by a lot of people, each family only had a small amount of room for their personal things. Get facts about Liberty Bell here.

Facts about the Mayflower

Facts about the Mayflower

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