10 Interesting Facts about the Mayans

Facts about The Mayans talk about the civilization of the Maya.  It is included as one of the greatest civilizations in America besides Incas and Aztecs. The location of Maya Civilization includes the present day eastern and southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, and western Honduras. Before the arrival of the European people, it is one of the most notable civilizations in America. Here are other facts about the Mayans for you:

Facts about The Mayans 1: the legacy

The Mayan civilization is very great. It gives the people various kinds of legacy such as sculptures, temples, and stone pyramids. They have been living on this planet for more than 2,000 years.

Facts about The Mayans 2: the system of writing

The system of writing of the Mayans was developed from hieroglyphs. This biggest achievement of the Mayans can be seen in astronomy and mathematics.

Mayan Civilization

Mayan Civilization

Facts about The Mayans 3: the peak of the development

The peak of the Mayan civilization was seen in 300 CE till 900 CE. There were several independent city states in Maya. Those included Tikal, Palenque, Copan and Calakmul.

Facts about The Mayans 4: the Mayans people today

People are still questioned the cause of the mysterious decline of the Mayan people in southern lowlands of Guatemala after 900 CE. Actually the Mayan people are not disappeared. You can find their descendants living in Yucatan region.

Mayan Image

Mayan Image

Facts about The Mayans 5: the main crops

The main diet staple of the Mayans included avocados, squash, pineapples, chili peppers, beans, papayas, cacao and maize. Get facts about the Incas here.

Facts about The Mayans 6: farmers

Most Mayans earned their living as a farmer. They lived in thatch houses in scattered villages. They developed the intensive farming method to grow the crops.

Mayan Picture

Mayan Picture

Facts about The Mayans 7: cacao

The Mayans loved cacao. They consume it with water and hot chilies. Another drink was made from corn. It was called atole.

Facts about The Mayans 8: tortillas

Tortilla is one of the most famous foods from the Maya. They used corn to create this flat cake. Get facts about Mali Empire here.

Mayan Temple

Mayan Temple

Facts about The Mayans 9: balche

Another popular drink in the Mayan civilization is balche. The Mayan people created it from the bark of balche tree with fermented honey.

Facts about The Mayans 10: the domesticated animals

The Mayan people have their ducks, dogs and turkeys as their domestic animals.

Facts about the Mayans

Facts about the Mayans

The crafts of Mayan were not made from iron or steel. They often used stones in the process. The types of crafts created by the Mayans included jade carving, figurines, baskets, ropes and mats. How do you like the facts about the Mayans?

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