10 Interesting Facts about The Excretory System

Here are the following Facts about The Excretory System which probably give you information about this system so that after read it you can find the important thing then. The Excretory System is a biological system into an organism which help to maintain internal chemical on the body to prevent damage of the body because of the harmful chemical element. The harmful chemical on body also called as waste products which need to turn out of the body. Then, these are the facts about The Excretory System below.

Facts about The Excretory System 1 : Waste Products

Waste products on body need to turn out to prevent damage. The waste products occurred as the waste of metabolism process on body. Usually, this contains chemical substance which if stay on body will make disease.

Facts about The Excretory System 2 : Substance

The waste products are substance which non appropriate into human body. Then the waste products of human such as urine, sweat, toxic of foods, carbondioxyde, oil, etc.

Facts 2 Excretory System Diagram

Facts 2 Excretory System Diagram

Facts about The Excretory System 3 : Kidneys

Kidneys has a form as a bean. Its located is of the sides of vertebral column in abdominal cavity. In human body, there are two kidney. The function is remove the nitrogenous wastes from the blood, such as urea and salts. Also it has function to excess water then turn the form of water as urine. The urine collected into ureter, then it passed out from urethra.

Facts about The Excretory System 4 : Liver

Liver has function to detoxifies and breaks down the toxic substance which enter into the body. The toxic substance which on the body will reformed by liver as the other things, such as the toxic substance will transport on urine system then it turn out from the body.

Facts 4 Map of Excretory System

Facts 4 Map of Excretory System

Facts about The Excretory System 5 : Bile

Bile as the products of liver on fight the toxic substance. The bile stored in the gall bladder. It secreted with the small intestine to break down some unwell substance such as fats, ethanol, ammonia, etc. Find more facts about The Clarinet here

Facts about The Excretory System 6 : Large Intestine

It has function to transport the waste food particles which its nutrient absorbed by other intestine. Also it has main function on turn out the billirubin. Then, the waste food particles, billirubin and other waste substance will turn out passed this large intestine.

Facts 6 Excretory System

Facts 6 Excretory System

Facts about The Excretory System 7 : Skin

The skin has function to excretes sweat. It as the waste substance which turn out from body not as urine. It composed by salt, mineral, and other substance. The turn out of sweat need to make the body cool when its warm.

Facts about The Excretory System 8 : Lungs

The lungs have part on respiration process. While, the waste substance is carbondioxyde which need to turn out from the body. The carbondioxyde which from the bloods then transport into the lungs to turn out from nose. Find more facts about The Desert here

Facts 8 Skin

Facts 8 Skin

Facts about The Excretory System 9 : Urine Formation

Urine is one of waste substance which turn out from the body every day. It has formations by the wastes substance which found in the bloods. Then some wastes substance secreted out to the body by urinary bladder.

Facts about The Excretory System 10 : Renal Failure

The health organ of organism will make some wastes substance secreted out from the body. But if the function of organ is in unwell condition, then will be serious health condition. One of the trouble function such as renal failure.

Facts 10 Kidney

Facts 10 Kidney

Those are Facts about The Excretory System which need you to know. Then, hopefully this can be as reference into your read.

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