10 Interesting Facts about The Desert

These are the following facts about The Desert which probably give you informations about it. Desert is a barren area which largely composed by the sand. Its area has low precipitation rate, so this area not fit with the common animals and plants. Only a little of vegetation and animals which live here. Also this area can be said as a spesific area. And here are the following facts about The Desert that you might want to know.

Facts about The Desert 1 : Surface

Desert mainly popular on its surface which totally easy to identified. This are has wide barren area, then it look as an empty area. The inanition makes this area look too wide and large.

Facts about The Desert 2 : Desert Classified

The Desert can be classified too, because it also has some characteristic which make the differences into one to another. The classified of desert are set by its amount of precipitation that falls, temperature that prevails, the cause of desertification and also by the geographical location.

Facts 2 Desert Rub Al Khali

Facts 2 Desert Rub Al Khali

Facts about The Desert 3 : Its Forming

The Desert naturally had caused by natural phenomena too. Then the cause is by the weathering proccesess which occured in land. The procceses occur as large variations temperature between day and night then strain into the rocks until the rocks break into pieces. Then the rock pieces turn into the sand which become the specific identification on desert.

Facts about The Desert 4 : Precipitation Amount

The Deserts describe as the area which have a little precipitation amount, but it not means that there’s no rainfalls here. The rain occur in desert to as a flash floods. Then the amount of rainfalls fall into the hot rock. That rainfalls then help to get on rock’s break then it will turn into pieces and make the fragments.

Facts 4 Cream Coloured Courser

Facts 4 Cream Coloured Courser

Facts about The Desert 5 : Survive in Desert

Animals and plants which have lived in Desert need more adaption to keep alive. To survive, they need to save the water into their body so that they will not going to get lack of waterness. Also need more action to get into their food. Which the adaption naturally grow into their body system.

Facts about The Desert 6 : Characteristic

Desert always known as the are which very dry because it has no enough water to keep the area’s humidity. So that it makes this area set as empty ground. Some people said that desert look like that as the lack of precipitation amount and also the evatranspiration which higher than the precipitation amount rate.


Facts 6 Morroco Arid Climate

Facts 6 Morroco Arid Climate

Facts about The Desert 7 : Desert Condition

Deserts classified as hot or cold, then semiarid or coastal. Hot because of the high temperature which occur in this area. Then cold because of the strong winds and lack of cloud cover.

Facts about The Desert 8 : Cold Desert

Commonly, Desert has identic criteria on its hot temperature. But there is desert which called Cold Desert too. It held on higher latitudes than the hot one. The aridity caused by the dryness of the air. Its far from the ocean and separated by mountain ranges.

Facts 8 Sandstorm in Al-Asad, Iraq

Facts 8 Sandstorm in Al-Asad, Iraq

Facts about The Desert 9 : Dust Storms and Sandstroms

Desert totally composed by the dust and sand which occured by the breaks of the hot rock. Then, there are the storms which called dust storms and sandstorms. It occured because the land is not protected by vegetation. Also the activity of the weather make some changing on air pressure. So that big winds is naturally happens.

Facts about The Desert 10 : Flora and Fauna

Though, its hard to live on the desert harsh environment but still there are flora and fauna which totally adapted in this area. The vegetation such as the cactus, which had adapted by the small leaves, deep root and minim on evaporation. Then the fauna is camel, which it has the natural system to keep on water into its body. And also some birds and some reptile.

Facts 10 Sand_from_Gobi_Desert

Facts 10 Sand_from_Gobi_Desert

Those are the facts about The Desert. Hopefully, that some point of facts have entertain you after you read it.

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