10 Interesting Facts about The Eye

Here are the Facts about The Eye which give you addition information about this. The Eye is one of the human organ which has main function on vision. Human can see many things on life by function of eye. It set as the sense organ, which let people see the visualization of the things on the world. It can distinctive about 10 million colors. Then, these are the Facts about The Eye which need to you know.

Facts about The Eye 1 : Cornea and Schlera

Cornea is the smaller frontal and curved. Then the larger one called sclera. Corneal segment is about 8 mm. Then the schlerotic is about 12 mm. Both of them connected by limbus.

Facts about The Eye 2 : Size

Vertical part is less large than the horizontal one. The total size is 24 mm (adult) and 16-17 mm (at birth). The eyeball increase 22.5-33 mm on three years of age. Then, the volume when adult is six cubic millimeter and the mass is 7.5 grams.

Facts 2 Human Eye with Blood Vessels

Facts 2 Human Eye with Blood Vessels

Facts about The Eye 3 : Component

It has three coats which are transparent structure. The outmost layer called fibrous tunic. The middle layer called vascular tunic or uvea. The innermost called retina. Check out facts about The British Museum here

Facts about The Eye 4 : Other Coats

Inside of eye there are also some coat, such as aqueous humour, flexible lens and the vitreous body. Aqueous humor contain two areas which are anterior chamber and posterior chamber. Flexible lens consisted by the transparent fiber. The viterous body is a jelly which located behind the lens and it larger than aqueous humour.

Facts 4 Eye Orbit Anatomy Anterior

Facts 4 Eye Orbit Anatomy Anterior

Facts about The Eye 5 : Pupil Constriction

Eye will focused on the object then the visionary will runs better.Then,pupil has two functions, such as set the variation on brightness and reduce the spherical of aberration.

Facts about The Eye 6 : Accommodation of the Lens

Eye need to relax while the function still working. Then, accommodation is always occur in the eye which carried out by ciliary muscles. After the accommodation, then eye will be focused again because it had relax than before the accommodation. Check out facts about The Ecosystem here

Facts 6 Stereogram Tut Eye Convergence

Facts 6 Stereogram Tut Eye Convergence

Facts about The Eye 7 : Eye Care

Eye as the main organ on human because the visibility is the most thing to do anything. Then, eye care is the best thing to protect the function on eye. Because it easy disturbed by the changing of the weather.

Facts about The Eye 8 : Eye Irritation

It as the common problem on human eyes. And the source of irritation are not only by one reason. The sign of the eye irritation such as increase of eyes comfort , dryness, easy tearing, itching, sandy sensation, etc.

Facts 8 Eye Irritation

Facts 8 Eye Irritation

Facts about The Eye 9 : Eye Disease

Disease occur as the disturbance of the eye function, so that the eyes are not working as well as in normal. The disease which attacked the eyes can be as myopia, presbyopia, etc. It signs as the unclear objects during seeing process.

Facts about The Eye 10 : Rapid Eye Movement

It topically refers on the sleep stage. It refers during the most vivid dreams occur. Then, eyes move rapidly.

Facts 10 Diagram of Human Eye

Facts 10 Diagram of Human Eye

Those are the Facts about The Eye which need you to know. Then, enjoy the fact and take the information.

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