10 Interesting Facts about The Drums

These are the following facts about The Drums which probably give you informations about this kind of music instrument. The Drum is a one of the percussion group of music instrument. Drums consist by the membrane, which called membranophone. Drums have a membrane which called drumhead or drum skin. These are the following facts about the drums which need you to know.

Facts about The Drums 1 : It Sounds

The drums produce sound by the use of human hands. The sounds out by the hand’s player also it can produce as the hit of the stick.

Facts about The Drums 2 : Player

The drums can be played by individually as the single player. Also to get produce the combination of the sound it can combine by the other music instrument then it will set as the colaboration of music instrument.

Facts 2 Slagerij Van Kampen

Facts 2 Slagerij Van Kampen

Facts about The Drums 3 : Traditional Drum Playing

In modern drums is play with at least two sticks. In traditional uses, it plays by one stick or with human’s hand. The drums also set as the traditional ceremonies in the old empire or religion ceremonies.

Facts about The Drums 4 : Genre

The drums can be apply into some genre of music. Because this kind of music instrument are the universal one. Then some genre which can be apply by drums such as jazz, blues, country, pop, rock n roll, etc.

Facts 4 Drum Mozart Regiment

Facts 4 Drum Mozart Regiment

Facts about The Drums 5 : History

The drums firstly found in 4000 BCE from Egypt in the northeast of African. Then, drums which made by skin found in China during between 5500 – 2350 BC. The use of drums on its first originally found is for the ceremonies.

Facts about The Drums 6 : Animal Drumming

Animals also can produce the drumming into the nature component. The one which mostly known is Macaque Monkey drum object in a rhythmic way to show the social dominance of the monkey.

Facts 6 Drums for Sale at the Museum

Facts 6 Drums for Sale at the Museum

Facts about The Drums 7 : Talking Drums

The talking drums means sound produce by humans mouth. It as the imitated of the instrument drums. It also use for the communication between the state and the comunity.

Facts about The Drums 8 : Drums in Art

Drums set as an art, it means that the drums can be apply to entertain much people because the quality of its sounds. It can be perform as a single playing drums, but its often show into the colaboration on music group.

Facts 8 Gu Hongzhong's Night Revels

Facts 8 Gu Hongzhong’s Night Revels

Facts about The Drums 9 : Military Uses

The drums also used by the military. Its set a symbol of some important events which need a   symbol to open or to close the events. Some event which uses drums such as the ceremony of the death soldier, etc.

Facts about The Drums 10 : Shell

Drums are made by skin of animals which can produce the sound. The quality of sound is dependent on the shell which used.  The thickness also influenced into the sound. Then it needed the shell which can produce the best quality of sound then.

Facts 10 Moche Drum

Facts 10 Moche Drum

Those are the following facts about The Drums. Hopefully that following facts will make you understand about the important things about this kind of music instrument.

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