10 Interesting Facts about P!nk

If you love to listen to music and admire the most favorite American female singer P!nk, then you should read one of these following facts about P!nk to make you know more about her. Born as Alecia Bett Moore on September 8th, 1979, P!nk is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She was originally a member of the girl group “Choice” and began her with the 2000 single “There You Go” from her debut album, “Can’t Take Me Home”. Her R&B album was also certified double-platinum in the United States. To get to know more about her, here are the other facts about P!nk you may like.

Facts about P!nk 1: Lady Marmalade

P!nk gained further recognition collaborating with Lil’ Kim, Christia Aguilera and Mya covering “Lady Marmalade” for the “Moulin Rouge!” soundtrack to earn her first Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Facts about P!nk 2: Missundaztood Album

Although she originally faced opposition from her record label, Pink aimed to make her second album more personal and more pop-rock-oriented. The product, 2001’s Missundaztood, proved to be her most successful album to date, with sales in excess of 12 million copies.

Facts about P!nk - P!nk in 2004

Facts about P!nk – P!nk in 2004

Facts about P!nk 3: Dear Mr. President

Her song ‘Dear Mr President’ was written by the Indigo Girls. Despite the success of the song, the Indigo Girls have never recorded their own version of it.

Facts about P!nk 4: Vegetarian

P!nk is actually vegetarian and also has spoken on behalf of the animal rights group PETA to show her love towards animal. But anyway, she still eats only veggies.

Facts about P!nk - P!nk in 2006

Facts about P!nk – P!nk in 2006

Facts about P!nk 5: Public Image

Pink, aside from her musical feats, has also become known for her style and work outside of music. She has often been seen as “adventurous” with her hair, and has had styles such as fluorescent spikes to pink-streaked dreadlocks to a pitch-black skater cut

Facts about P!nk 6: Most Trailblazing Artist

Pink has been described as an artist who has changed the scope of pop music. She has been credited for breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope throughout her career. She is often regarded as the “most trailblazing artist” of her generation.

Facts about P!nk - P!nk on The Truth about Love Tour 2013

Facts about P!nk – P!nk on The Truth about Love Tour 2013

Facts about P!nk 7: Unique Marriage Proposal

P!nk met professional motocoss racer Carey Hart at the 2001 X Games in Philadelphia. Following a brief separation in 2003, P!nk proposed to Hart in June 2005 during a Mammoth Lakes motocross race by writing “Will u marry me? Serious!” on her pit board, causing him to veer off the track and accept on the spot.

Facts about P!nk 8: Earnings

In 2010, she appeared on Forbes The Celebrity 100 List at #27, with earnings of $44 million. In 2011, she appeared on Forbes The Top-Earning Women in Music List at #6 with earnings of $22 million, with an average of 1 million per show on the road. In 2009, Billboard put her at the 6th place on their Money Makers list with the earnings of more than 36 million dollars.

Facts about P!nk - With her husband

Facts about P!nk – With her husband

Facts about P!nk 9: Filmography

She began to act in 2000, with her first film “Ski to the Max”. For further years later, she continued doing acting on several works, including  “Rollerball” (2002), “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” (2003), “Catacombs” (2007), “SpongeBob’s Truth or Square” (2009), “Get Him to the Geek” (2010), “Happy Feet Two” (2011) and “Thanks for Sharing” (2013).

Facts about P!nk 10: Albums and Tours

As a singer, P!nk has successfully made her best album and held several tours in the world. Her latest tour, titled “The Truth About Love” was held in Australia, Europe and America. Among these continents, she successfully held about 140 shows.

Facts about P!nk - Family

Facts about P!nk – Family

Those who love to listen to R&B music should have really loved those following facts about P!nk. She and her songs probably would make your life more fun and amazing. Hope these P!nk facts would be really interesting and useful for you to read.

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