10 Interesting Facts about The Brothers Grimm

Those are some facts about The Brothers Grimm which probably give you additional information about who is The Brothers Grimm are. The Brothers Grimm (Die Bruder Grimm) consisted by Jacob (1785 – 1863) and Wilhem Grimm (1786 – 1859). They were German academics, linguistic, cultural researches, lexiographers and author who worked together specialized in collecting and publishing folklore during the 19th century. And here are the facts about The Brothers Grimm.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm 1 : Spent Their Life in Hanau

Hanau was their homes. They came from the poor family.  It runs worse after the death of their father in 1796. So after their dad passed away, they took responsibility to earned money for the family.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm 2 : Attended the University of Marburg

They were had big curious about German Folklore so they’ve collecting much folk tales to healed their curious. Then, they attended University of Marburg to got optimal knowledge about folklore.


Facts about The Brothers Grimm 3 : Their First Collection Revised and Published

Their collection revised and published between 1812 and 1857. Their work grown up too fast, growing from 86 stories to more than 200/ and it used to started on their success.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm 4 : Jacob Published The Well Regarded German Mythology (Deutsche Mythology)

Even though  publisher was only Jacob, but Wilhem took apart of this project too. Wilhem continued to edit and prepare the third edition of Kinder  for publication.


Facts about The Brothers Grimm 5 : The Brothers Taught German Studies

They were not only smart by themselves, but they also spread their knowledge to others. They taught German studies in University. They became well respected and established discipline.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm 6 : They Lose The University

They lose their university after joining in protest with Gottingen seven. They joined a movement that supported on peasant people, but the result said that they had lost their university. The democratic reforms known as Young Germany.


Facts about The Brothers Grimm 7 : They Elected on Politic

After revolution of German States in 1848, The Brothers elected to the civil parliament. Jacob became a prominent member of the National Assembly.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm 8 : Their Work Projects

They preferred the romanticism, romantic nationalism and trends in valuing tales on their genre of folktales. They also made some popular folktales that well known until now such as Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.


Facts about The Brothers Grimm 9 : They Produced Middle Class Folktales even They were from Low Class

They had reputation as the peasant people. Their life was not as good as other people. But their folktales well know in all class of people. So that they had much influenced to many people around them.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm 10 : They still have Undone Project

Before their dead, they still had a project in 1838. They began writing a definitive German Dictionary but until their death came, the project never be done.


Those are the following facts of The Brothers Grimm. Hope you enjoy the facts and take the lessons from the Brothers Grimm life story.

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