10 Interesting Facts about M.S. Dhoni

Those who love to do some exercise and do sports might have known one of these following facts about M.S. Dhoni, an Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian national cricket team. He is an attacking right-handed middle-order batsman and wicket-keeper. He mad his One Day International (ODI) debut in December 2004 against Bangladesh, and played his first Test a year later against Sri Lanka. To get to know more about him, below are the other facts about M.S. Dhoni you may be interested in.

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 1: Ticket Collector

In 1998 Dhoni played for the Bihar U-19 team but the team lost against Punjab in final, but due to his excellent performance he was selected to play for Bihar in the Ranji Trophy, and side by side Dhoni started working as a ticket collector at the Kharagpur railway station from year 2001 to 2003 to support his family.

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 2: Not Interested in Cricket

Initially Dhoni was not much interested in cricket and used to play and excel in sports like badminton and football and was also selected at club and district level in these sports. He was a goalkeeper for his football team and was sent to play cricket for a local club by his coach and though he had not played cricket before, still he was able to impress everyone with his wicket-keeping skills and became the regular wicket-keeper at the Commando cricket club (1995–98).

Facts about M.S, Dhoni - M.S. Dhoni

Facts about M.S, Dhoni – M.S. Dhoni

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 3: All-time Captain

He has broken many records during his carrier most famous of which is when he became the most successful Indian Test captain with 22 Test victories, surpassing Sourav Ganguly’s record of 21 victories from 49 Tests. Ganguly also said in an interview to a news channel that Dhoni is the all-time greatest captain of India.

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 4: Cut-Short Long Hair

All of us are familiar about the fact that once Dhoni had long hair, which are now cut short even though the former president Pervez Musharraf wanted him not to do so. The reason initially reported by him was that he wanted to look like his favorite Bollywood star John Abraham (actor/producer). But after a few years, the truth finally emerged that this was indeed his beloved wife Sakshi’s ‘decision’.

Facts about M.S, Dhoni - Dhoni Batting

Facts about M.S, Dhoni – Dhoni Batting

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 5: Helicopter Shot

An innovative shot invented and popularised by Mahendra Singh Dhoni that helps a batsmen score boundaries even off the yorkers. The shot uses a lot more bottom hand and comprises of more pronounced bat swing after the shot is played. The quick rotation of the blade in the follow through of the shot explains the name “Helicopter” associated with it.

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 6: Marriage

Sakshi was a childhood friend of Dhoni, both of them went to the same school DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali and also their parents worked at the same company. After a serious committed relationship of two years, they decided to marry on 23 of July, 2010 at a farmhouse 25 kilometers off Dehradun. The wedding came as a surprise to the media and the fans as it took place only a day after the couple got engaged though Bipasha basu (Bollywood actress and Dhoni’s good friend) after clarified that marriage was already planned months earlier and was not a decision taken suddenly.

Facts about M.S, Dhoni - Wedding

Facts about M.S, Dhoni – Wedding

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 7: Fan of Bikes and SUVs

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is a huge fan of motorcycles and SUVs. He has over 23 bikes in his collection currently ranging from Harley Davidson to Ducati. His most recent acquisition is Confederate X132 Hellcat bike, an exotic muscle bike which is owned only by him in the whole South East Asia and his car collection include SUVs like Hummer H2 and the luxury sports vehicle Audi Q7.

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 8: Highest Paid Cricketer

In year 2012 Forbes magazine listed MS Dohni as the richest cricketer in the whole world for the first time. He grabbed 31st position on the list of top 100 athletes around the globe, defeating world famous sports celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic and Lionel Messi (4 million dollar greater on endorsment).

Facts about M.S, Dhoni - Wife Sakshi Singh Rawat

Facts about M.S, Dhoni – Wife Sakshi Singh Rawat

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 9: Second Highest Endorser

Currently he endorses products of 20 different brands ranging from sports giant like Reebok to one the biggest soft drinks manufacturer in the world Pepsi, making him the second highest in terms of number brand endorsed by a single personality in India followed by Bollywood superstar, Shahrukh Khan who endorses 21 different brands.

Facts about M.S. Dhoni 10: One of the Highest Individual Tax Payer

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has continuously been the highest individual income taxpayer in Jharkhand state and one of the highest in India. He has already paid Rs 12 crore income tax so far this fiscal (2013). He paid a sum of about Rs 6 crore in September and another Rs 6 crore in December to the income tax department and he is yet to pay his last quarterly amount for this year.

Facts about M.S, Dhoni - Practice

Facts about M.S, Dhoni – Practice

Those following facts about M.S. Dhoni will definitely make you more admired about him. He made many records on many tracks and didn’t give up until he got the best. Anyway, hope you found these M.S. Dhoni facts really interesting and useful for your life.

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