10 Interesting Facts about Zachary Taylor

These following facts about Zachary Taylor will probably make you feel admired about him. If you want to know what kind of person he was during his life, or what activity he did, or anything else, then this article would be really interesting for you to read. As you know, Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States and an American military leader. His 40-year military career ended with far-reaching victories in the Mexican-American War. His status as a national hero won him election to the White House despite his vague  political beliefs. To get to know more about him, here are some other facts about Zachary Taylor you may consider interesting.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 1: Top Priority

His top priority as president was preserving the Union, but he died 16 months into his term, before making any progress on the status of slavery, which had been inflaming tensions in Congress.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 2: Early Life

Taylor came from a distinguished line of American families that included three passengers on the Mayflower.  The family moved to the frontier of Kentucky when Taylor was still a child, and he grew up in a log cabin near present day Louisville, where his father became a large landowner.

Facts about Zachary Taylor - Zachary Taylor

Facts about Zachary Taylor – Zachary Taylor

Facts about Zachary Taylor 3: Formal Education

Because of his frontier upbringing, Taylor had virtually no formal education, and this is illustrated in a number of personal letters where he routinely misspells words and uses poor grammar.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 4: Military Service

Taylor entered military service around 1808 and served throughout the War of 1812.  His duties with the military eventually took him to New Orleans, and he ultimately bought a plantation and settled in nearby Baton Rouge.

Facts about Zachary Taylor - Official White House Portrait

Facts about Zachary Taylor – Official White House Portrait

Facts about Zachary Taylor 5: Family

He met and married a Maryland woman named Margaret Smith soon after taking military service.  Together, they had 6 children.  Taylor’s only son, Richard, would later become a general in the Confederate army.  One of his daughters, Elizabeth, fulfilled the duties of First Lady while her father was president; Taylor’s wife Margaret, by this time, was a virtual recluse and took no part in official functions.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 6: Old Rough and Ready

Taylor rose to prominence for his service in the Mexican War of the mid-1840’s, where he won a number of decisive victories against superior Mexican forces.  When he returned from the war, he was welcomed as a hero, with many people comparing him to the likes of George Washington and Andrew Jackson.  He was commonly known by the nickname “Old Rough and Ready.”

Facts about Zachary Taylor - Portrait

Facts about Zachary Taylor – Portrait

Facts about Zachary Taylor 7: Presidential Election

Taylor was courted as a presidential candidate in 1848 primarily because of his prominence as a war hero.  Prior to running for president, Zachary Taylor had never even personally voted in a presidential election.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 8: Last Slave Owner

Taylor was the last U.S. president to own slaves while in the White House.

Facts about Zachary Taylor - Postage Stamp

Facts about Zachary Taylor – Postage Stamp

Facts about Zachary Taylor 9: Issue of Slavery

The issue of slavery – and, specifically, the question of whether slavery should be allowed to expand into new western territories won in the Mexican War – dominated most of Taylor’s time in office.  Though he was a slaver-holder himself, Taylor supported the so-called Wilmot Proviso, which would have effectively outlawed slavery in new western territories.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 10: Death

While discussions were taking place among the leaders of Congress on a compromise solution to the question of slavery in the western territories, Taylor took a break to observe the groundbreaking ceremonies, of the new Washington Monument.  It was a hot day, and he cooled off by consuming fruit and milk.  Within several days, he was battling a severe digestive ailment, possibly cholera, and succumbed to the illness on July 9, 1850, only 16 months into his presidency.  He became the second president in less than a decade to die in office from illness.  He was buried near his childhood home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Facts about Zachary Taylor - Grave

Facts about Zachary Taylor – Grave

Those following facts about Zachary Taylor might make you feel more amazed about the his life. His life is really interesting. And also, since he took great responsibility to the whole America, he was really kind to people, yet really caring to each other. Hope you found Zachary Taylor facts really interesting and useful.

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