10 Interesting Facts about The Element Sodium

Here are the following Facts about The Element Sodium which probably give you new information about this element then. The Element Sodium is the chemical element which has symbol Na. It also called as Natrium which has the atomic number 11. It not found in nature as metal, but it found mostly in compounds. Because this element are unstable based on its atomic number, then it stable in isotope 23Na. And here are the following facts about The Element Sodium which need you to know below.

Facts about The Element Sodium 1 : First Isolated

During it found in compounds, then it first isolated by Humphry Davy in 1807. He found the Sodium by an electrolysis of sodium hydroxide. It as the liberate of Na+ and OH.

Facts about The Element Sodium 2 : Abundance

Sodium is the sixth abundant elements in Earth’s crust. It founds in compound of nature minerals, such as feldpars, solidate and rock salt (NaCl). The Sodium are compounds much of salt which has highly water soluble.

Facts 2 Flametest Na

Facts 2 Flametest Na

Facts about The Element Sodium 3 : Useful

Sodium in compounds has useful for the living, such as the sodium hydroxide (lye) for making soap and sodium chloride for use for de-icing agent and nutrient. Also the NaCl, which compound by Natrium (Sodium) and Chloride, which useful for favoring human’s foods.

Facts about The Element Sodium 4 : Characteristic

At standard temperature and pressure, Sodium is a soft silvetary metal, which it oxydize to grayish without immersed in oil or inert gas. It too soft then can be cut with a knife and it as good conductor of electricity.

Facts 4 Natrium

Facts 4 Natrium

Facts about The Element Sodium 5 : Reactivity

It has less reaction than the pottasium and more reactive than lithium. It has big reaction on water like the other alkali metals. Sufficiently large pieces of Sodium melt into a sphere and may explode.

Facts about The Element Sodium 6 : Burned Sodium

It can be burned, then it turns on yellow flame. When it burns in dry air, then it forms as the sodium peroxide and as well some sodium oxide occurred. Then, in the moist air, burned Sodium turns into sodium hydroxide.

Facts 6 Monensin

Facts 6 Monensin

Facts about The Element Sodium 7 : Isotope

Sodium has much isotope, it found as 20 isotopes. But the stable one only in 23Na. The stable 23Na then converted to 24Na in human blood. It to treat the acite neutron radiation from the critically accident. Find out more facts about The British Museum here

Facts about The Element Sodium 8 : Occurrence

Sodium or 23Na is created by carbon burning process. The process is in stars by fusing of two carbon atoms together. The temperature for it occurrence is above 600 megakelvins.

Facts 8 Phase Diagram Potassium Sodium

Facts 8 Phase Diagram Potassium Sodium

Facts about The Element Sodium 9 : Compound for Industries

Sodium never founds in single element, generally it always in compounds. Some compounds are useful for the industries, such as the making of glass, paper, soap and textiles. Some compounds are also useful, such as NaCl, Na2CO3, NaOH, etc. Find more about The Brooklyn Bridge here

Facts about The Element Sodium 10 : Biological Role

It has important function on human’s health. The function is to regulate the bloods volume, blood pressure, osmotic equilibrium and pH. It also used for diet and also for seasoning on human’s foods. Then, it will make the foods delicious and has large nutrient.

Facts 10 Na D Sodium D Lines

Facts 10 Na D Sodium D Lines

Those are the following Facts about The Element Sodium. Hopefully, facts which mentioned will give you the important information for you to keep.

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