10 Interesting Facts about The English Channel

Let me show you Facts about The English Channel which probably give you the information about it. The English Channel is the separated body water which divide southern England from northern France and it joins the North Sea in Atlantic Ocean. It’s length about 560 km and the width are in varies from 240 km. Its widest in the Strait of Dover in 33.1 km. It’s the smallest shallow seas which around the continental shelf of Europe. Then it covering the area about 75,000 km2. And here are facts about The English Channel which need to you know.

Facts about The English Channel 1 : Island Around

The Channel is wide so that possibly an island located on it. There are some major islands on the Channel.The islands being the Isle of Wight off the English coast.

Facts about The English Channel 2 : Geological

The Channel located in a dry land for most of the Pleistocene period. On some researched, believed that it made between 450,000 and 180,00 years ago. It made by two big disaster was a glacial lake outburst floods which caused by the breaching of the Weald Artois Anticline in proglacial lake in the Doggerland region.

Facts 2 English Channel

Facts 2 English Channel

Facts about The English Channel 3 : Name

The English Channel mostly used as the name of this water areas during the early 18th century. Possibility, the name is originating from designation of Engelse Kanaal in Ducth sea maps from the 16th century. Then till now, English Channel is use as the name of it, also it usually called by British Channel.

Facts about The English Channel 4 : Population

On the shore, the more densely population are founded. Towns and cities straight along both in English and French side of the Channel. The inhabitants which live here more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Facts 4 English Channel Map

Facts 4 English Channel Map

Facts about The English Channel 5 : Busiest Seaway

The Channel has much route to provide a transportation in human needs. The traffic busy by the UK-Europe and North Sea-Atlantic routes. Over 500 ships across this route per day. In the busiest of activities marine, then there are rule which has content are the travels from north must use the French side than from south must use the English side.

Facts about The English Channel 6 : Ecology

The environment problems occurred in this area was because of the lot activity on shipping lane. The environment has problems from the ships which carry with toxic cargo and oil spills. Over 40% of UK incidents set as the threat of pollution on the Channel. MSC Napoli as the popular incident which nearly 1700 tonnes of dangerous cargo beached in Lyme Bay.

Facts 6 North Sea Languages

Facts 6 North Sea Languages

Facts about The English Channel 7 : Channel Tunnel

The Channel has a special place which called Channel Tunnel. It use to cross beneath the UK and France by rail. It first opened in 1994. The current routine is to travel between Paris or Brussles and London on the Eurostar train. Find facts about The Crust here

Facts about The English Channel 8 : Tourism

Resort are available around the Channel. SO it takes the attention of the tourism. The resorts such as Brighton and Deauville. It developed into seaside tourism and it set as the shaped resorts on the world. Channel Hopping as the referred of short trips across the Channel.

Facts 8 German World War II Tower Jersey

Facts 8 German World War II Tower Jersey

Facts about The English Channel 9 : Culture

It located around English and France, then the dominant culture on it are English on the north sore and French on the south sore. Mostly language and culture are composed both from English and France, but still minority language and culture found here. Find more facts about The Dark Ages here

Facts about The English Channel 10 : Channel Crossing

It as the lack depth of water areas, but still some attraction on crossing found in Channel. The crossing are usually by the power of human which created crossing technologies. Some attraction also available, such as cross by swimming, by car, and by boat.

Facts 10 Spinnaker Tower

Facts 10 Spinnaker Tower

Those are Facts about The English Channel which you can read. Hopefully, that will be increase your knowledge about this one.

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