10 Interesting Facts about The Bumblebee

These are the following facts about the Bumblebee which probably give you information about this bee. Bumblebee which also written as bumble bee. Bumblebee is any member of the bee genus Bombus, in the family Apidae. And it was extinct and now only known as the fossils. it lives in the Northern Hemisphere, also it lives in South America. Species are known estimated over 250 species. These are the following facts about the Bumblebee below.

Facts about the Bumblebee 1 : Social Insects

They are the social insects, because they always work together for their activities. They have a single queen. But their colonies is smaller than the honey bee. The colonies consisting in 50 bumblebee and ofter fewer than 50. Female bumblebees can sting, but they generally not sting on human and some animals.

Facts about the Bumblebee 2 : Body Structure

Ther have round bodies which covered in soft hair. They have 2 color, such as black and yellow. Their soft hair is known as the pile, it makes their easy to know and also feel fuzzy if they touched by the human skin. They are the best distinguished from their similarly large, because they are the only fuzzy bees.

Facts 2 (Body Structure)

Facts about the Bumblebee 3 : They Feed on Nectar

Like another bees, they also need nectar to eat. They suck the nectar by their long hairy tongue, then they lap the nectar from the flowers. With their hairy tongue, they lap the liquid of nectar, then the tongue is folded under the head for flight. Bumblebee also gather the pollen to feed their young.

Facts about the Bumblebee 4 : Identifying Flowers

They identifying flowers by colour and the spatial relationships. So if the colour is interesting, they will get on the flowers. Also they prefer some flowers because of the others bumblebee are used to take the nectar on that flowers too.

Facts 4 (Identifying Flowers)

Facts about the Bumblebee 5 : Nectar Robbing

Nectar robbing was a exhibit of some bumblebee. It held when some bumblebee making a hole near the base of a flower to access the nectar while the avoiding the pollen transfer. Of their social, so that the exhibit like this can happened.

Facts about the Bumblebee 6 : They are Pollinator

They are have a big role in agriculture. They are the pollinator on some of flowers in agriculture plants. As people know, that pollinate is one of the important point to get success in agriculture sector. So the bumblebee should be protect.

Facts 6 (The Pollinators)

Facts about the Bumblebee 7 : They were Declined

The bumblebee are interesting insects because they are have a good colour also give some benefits for human. But actually they had declined. They decline in some place such as Europe, North America, and Asia. The cause still on concern.

Facts about the Bumblebee 8 : The Queen

The queen are fertil. The fertilised queens, ovaries are activated when the queen lay her egg. The process start when the egg passes along the oviduct then the vagina. The mating is inside the vagina. Its mating when the sperm store on a chamber in the vagina so that meet with the eggs.

Facts 8 (The Queen)

Facts about the Bumblebee 9 : Their Tongues

The bumblebee tongue is long like the other bee tongues. It structure is hairy that extends from a sheath like modified maxilla. Primary action is lapping to get the nectar.

Facts about the Bumblebee 10 : Adapted to a Robot

Transformers was a film that adopted characteristic of bumblebee to make an robot. The robot also called Bumblebee. The adopted get by the using of colour, which are yellow and black. The Bumblebee (robot) helps people to be aware on the bumblebee in insects.

Facts 10 (Adopted to A Robot)

These are the following facts about the Bumblebee. Hope that facts will give you more information to add the knowledge about inscets.

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