10 Interesting Facts about The Cane Toad

Those are the facst about the Cane Toad which probably give you some informations about this animals. The Cane Toad is one kind of frog which has coarse skin with some spots. The color is  blackish and sometimes has color as the soil. It’s from amfibia spesies which from familia Bufonidae. And these are the following facts about the Cane Toad which you might want to know below.

Facts about the Cane Toad 1 : Different

The Cane Toad is totally different with the frog. Frog has different characteristics with the Cane Toad such as on color on skin, body size, skin texture etc.

Facts about the Cane Toad 2 : The Characteristic

Almost of the Cane Toad have two seed weevil in the back of their head which usually called parotid gland. These glands have toxic which flow out when the Cane Toad fell unsecured.Facts 2 Male Toad

Facts about The Cane Toad 3 : Toxic

As they differences function system of their parotid gland, so that they have toxics. But the measurement of their toxic are different. Some of the Cane Toad might be more dangerous because the toxic level is higher.

Facts about The Cane Toad 4 : The Eggs

The Cane Toad have continue their generations by eggs. They produce eggs so that they have much of little toad. Their eggs hatch become tadpole before change into the mature toad.

facst 4 eggs

Facts about the Cane Toad 5 : Dry Skin

Their skin is so different with frog skin. From its color till its texture. And also their skin is drier than the frog. Because of they not in the water on their whole day. Sometimes they live in the dry environment.

Facts about the Cane Toad 6 : Their Foods

Because of they live in natural ecosystem, so that they have to eat something from the natural environment too. Insects are their food. It’s easy to get some insect because their tongue has some glue that make the insects are trapped. Meanwhile, they eat worm too.

facst 6 Rhinella marinus

Facts about the Cane Toad 7 : Families of the Cane Toad

The Cane Toad is include on some family. They have classified on some family because of the same on their characteristic. The family such as Bombinatoridae, Brachycephalidae, Discloglossidae, etc. In English named called Fire-bellied Toad, Shield Toad, Midwife Toad etc.

Facts about the Cane Toad 8 :  Distribution

The Cane Toad is originally from America, it has area in Rio Grande Valley in South Texas to the Central Amazon. This area has both of tropical and semiarid environment. So that its completely accepted on the Cane Toad characteristics of environment to live.

Facts 8 Distributions

Facts about The Cane Toad 9 : Uses

The Cane Toad is uses by the biological control for pest. Because they also eat insects which almost decrease the production of the agriculture sector.

Facts about The Cane Toad 10 : It Can be Pet

In the new world era, some of animal which unpopular in past day now potentially become the pet. One of these are the Cane Toad. People interesting on it because of their unique characteristic and behavior.

Facts 10 Bufo marinus


Those are the following facts about the Cane Toad. Hopefully that facts will be additional on your read.

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