10 Interesting Facts about El Salvador

If you love to travel around the world, then reading one of these following facts about El Salvador will probably help you to know more about this country. As you know, El Salvador is  the smallest and the most populated country in Central America. The country’s capital city and largest city is San Salvador. Important cultural and commercial centers for Central America on the whole include Santa Ana and San Miguel. Though, it’s the most populated country in Central America, it also has other special things to enjoy. Here are other facts about El Salvador you may consider interesting.

Facts about El Salvador 1: Anniversary

January 16th, 2011 marked the 19 year anniversary of the signing of the peace accord here in El Salvador. Many travelers associate El Salvador with their civil war, but few realize the war ended almost two decades ago.

Facts about El Salvador 2: Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero

Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero will soon become the first Salvadorian to be canonized (granted sainthood) by the Catholic Church. Romero was known for giving hope to the poor during the civil war era in El Salvador, and was assassinated during a sermon in 1980. He is buried in the Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown San Salvador and is one of 10 martyrs depicted above the Westminster Abbey in London.

Facts about El Salvador - Map

Facts about El Salvador – Map

Facts about El Salvador 3: First Toyota

The first Toyota distributor in America (in fact, the second distributor in the World, after Taiwan) was DIDEA of El Salvador. The first Toyota in the American continent, a Land Cruiser, still runs

Facts about El Salvador 4: Area

At 21,041 square kilometers El Salvador is the 153rd (of 251) largest country in the world according to the CIA Factbook. To put this in perspective for people in the U.S., El Salvador is smaller than the state of New Jersey, which is the 4th smallest state in the U.S. behind Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut.

Facts about El Salvador - Flag

Facts about El Salvador – Flag

Facts about El Salvador 5: “Valle de las Hamacas”

San Salvador has held the nickname of “Valle de las Hamacas” or Hammock Valley” due to a constant earthquake threat and the numerous earthquakes the city has experienced.

Facts about El Salvador 6: World Cup

El Salvador is known as the team who took the most goals in the World Cup, losing 10-1 to Hungary. Few people remember, however, that it was the team that took the least goals during the qualification round for that World Cup.

Facts about El Salvador - Izalco Volcano

Facts about El Salvador – Izalco Volcano

Facts about El Salvador 7: Land of Volcanoes

Known as the Land of Volcanoes, El Salvador has frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. It is the only country in Central America that does not have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea.

Facts about El Salvador 8: Forests

The forests of El Salvador have been cut down for firewood, coffee plantations, and for the building of homes. The result is the destruction of wildlife habitats in El Salvador.

Facts about El Salvador - El Imposible National Park

Facts about El Salvador – El Imposible National Park

Facts about El Salvador 9: Flora and Fauna

Along the coastal plains, there are palm trees and tropical fruit trees, such as mango, coconut, and tamarind. Armadillos, snakes, and iguanas also inhabit the warm, humid coast.

Facts about El Salvador 10: Foods

Rice, beans, and tortillas are the main foods in El Salvador. Most people cannot afford meat and do not have enough food to eat every day. Malnutrition is a leading cause of death among the poor rural people.

Facts about El Salvador - The Torogoz National Bird

Facts about El Salvador – The Torogoz National Bird

Those facts about El Salvador might make you want to visit the country. With all history and things, this country is really beautiful and interesting to visit. Hope you found these El Salvador facts really interesting and joyful to read.

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