10 Interesting Facts about the Hopi Tribe

Here I will tell you facts about the Hopi Tribe which will give you several information about this tribe. The Hopi Tribe are the federally tribe which recognize as the Native American people. They primarily live in 2,531.773 sq mi (6,557.26 km2) in the Hopi Reservation at the northeastern of Arizona. In 2010, there were 18,327 who still found in United States due to the cencus in 2010. They use Hopi language to communicate by each other. Then here are facts about the Hopi Tribe which need you to know below.

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 1 : Hopi Reservation

It is as the place which Hopi mostly found. This reservation surrounded by Navajo Reservation which larger than Hopi. Both Hopi and Navajo are located at the near location but they had conflict by the nearest location.

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 2 : History

Hopi was first found by the Spanish in the 16th century, which had a culture which called Pueblo people. Then it became one of the Native American cultures which located in Southwestern of United States. Then Hobi set as the Ancient Pueblo Peoples.

Facts 2 Hopi

Facts 2 Hopi

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 3 : Oraibi

Oraibi as one of the Hopi villages, which the total villages are four. The oldest one continuously become an inhabited villages in the territory of United States. In 1540s. there were still 1,500-3,000 residents. Find more facts about the Guitar here

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 4 : Pueblo Revolt of 1680

The religious practice of Hopi succeeded by the Spanish Roman Catholic priest. They presecuted into a draconian manner that affected on the religious practice. Also the Spanish had escaped Hopi from their slaved by gave them as forced labour and took over goods and corps.

Facts 4 Hopi Ceramic Jar

Facts 4 Hopi Ceramic Jar

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 5 : Education

English trader Thomas Keams in 1875 set the Hopi leaders to meet President A. Arthur in Washington D.C. The education must be allowed the whites to live, while Keams wants to built the formal school for the Hopi children. There were a petition on demanding on built formal school in 1886, then in 1887 Keams Canyon Boarding School in Keams Canyon was opened by Thomas Keams for the Hopi children.

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 6 : Hopi Land

The Hopi land at the Hopi point of view always looked as sacred. Their important culture was Agriculture and their villages were spread across to the northern of Arizona. While, on December 16, 1882 the reservation for the Hopi made as the instruction of President Arthur.

Facts 6 Kachine Dolls

Facts 6 Kachine Dolls

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 7 : Hopi Recognition

At the late of 20th century, the day schools, missionaries, physicians, and farming assistans were established by the US governments on every Indian reservations. With as the cencus of 1910, the Hopi tribe had total 2,000 numbers.

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 8 : Hopi-Navajo Land Dispute

Navajo started to keep moving closer to the Hopi land from the 1940s to the 1970s. It took a case which issued to the “Opinion, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and Judgment. The result was the built of Hopi Reservation which declared in 1882.

Facts 8 Tile

Facts 8 Tile

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 9 : Modern Tribal Government

Constitution was ratified by Hopi people on October 24, 1936. The constitution called unicameral government which had power vested in a Tribal council. The constitution consist execute branch and judicial branch.

Facts about the Hopi Tribe 10 : Tribal Government

Tribal government was established and headquarted in Kykotsmovi, Arizona. The government consisted by Tribal officers, Tribal Council, and Tribal Courts. Find more facts about the Himalayas here

Facts 10 Hopi Women

Facts 10 Hopi Women

Those are facts about the Hopi Tribe which need you to know, hopefully that facts will entertained you as well.

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